Wednesday, June 10, 2009

REVIEW: Diana B. Green Tea Desert Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Mmmm ... the fresh, juicy decadence of Diana B. Sugar Scrubs

Imagine being able to mix and create textures to bathe with, as you would combine fragrances to personalize them. Sugar Scrub with a little Bath Gel for more slip and bubbles. Body Lotion and Sugar Scrub to shave. Add a scoop of scrub to soften and sweeten the bath water when you don’t feel like scrubbing. Straight scrub on pure wet skin for optimal effect followed by drying off and putting on lotion with a fabulous candle lit in the bathroom and nearby bedroom to scent your environment while you play with your products, refine your skin, tone and hydrate your skin and feel and smell wonderful. No rules, totally safe interchangeable products use fragrances all created to enliven your daily routine with playful intuitive choices that delight the senses and lift your spirits. That's what Diana B. gives you through her gorgeous, luxurious products.

Diana B. sugar scrubs are all natural, totally oil free, wax free, chemical free and are safe for the most sensitive skin.

Green Tea Desert Grapefruit contains powerful antioxidant Green Tea essence that helps to fight against free radical damage that ages skin prematurely. This formula contains sugar and salt with cane sugar syrup. Soothing Grapefruit essence helps to heal surface impurities with its high concentration of Vitamin C, also creating balanced PH for your skin.

REVIEW: More than twice the size of the average sugar scrub on the market, you'll want a jar of this scrumptious Diana B. Sugar Scrub in your bathroom for these hot summer months. I'm completely in love with her Green Tea Desert Grapefruit variety. Gentle on skin, light and refined in scent with an air of fresh green notes and juicy grapefruit, one can't help but be hooked on this scrub after just one use. Skin emerges from the bath smooth, hydrated, glowing and very lightly fragranced. Oh my gosh, this scrub is so lovely. It's a wonderful exfoliant to use before applying self-tanning products. (She also makes an award winning self-tanner - and it's fabulous.) The fact that it's oil free allows us to use this delight in the shower and tub without the aggravation of having to clean out a residue. There's nothing to clean up. Don't let the fact that it contains no oil fool you into thinking it's a dry scrub, though, as this is a juicy (not just moist) scrub in every sense. The sophisticated citrusy-green tea scent enlivens the whole room without being too sweet and definitely not over-powering. It's really more of a fresh, leafy scent than a sweet citrus scent. Yet the experience of ripe, juicy grapefruit is definitely present. This is a fragrance even the most particular of noses will enjoy. As the jar is so big, this will last you forever. It's definitely more than a three month supply. Diana B. Sugar Scrubs come in these inspired scents: Green Tea Desert Grapefruit, Maple Sugar Lychee Nut, Peach Frangipani Flower, Black Fig and Chocolate.

Diana B. products are available through a number of fine beauty boutiques, including b-glowing, one of my favorites (as you know). At b-glowing you'll always experience fantastic customer service, fast shipment, knowledgeable assistance with any questions you may have about their products, and delightful complimentary goodies with each purchase. They're just wonderful! x


  1. You describing it sounds fabulous. Just the name alone evokes a great smell.

  2. Heyyyyyy Leeeee ...
    I'm telling you, this scrub is brilliant. The feel of it, the result of smooth skin from the use of it, the smell is divine, absolutely no oily residue, it's completely intoxicating.



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