Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Andy Tauer Fragrance: Une Rose Chyprée

Andy Tauer has once again waved his fragrant wand and put magic in a bottle: Une Rose Chyprée is like an exotic dessert with its blend of natural rose extracts, geranium, citruses, spices and patchouli. The slightest touch of vanilla and cinnamon harmonize the slightly green, airy rose accord with the gourmand notes. Strikingly rich and delicious.

Une Rose Chyprée is the first fragrance in the Andy Tauer's Mémorables line. Presented in small flacons and bottled and packed by hand, the Mémorables are compared to delicate and precious pralines. Whatever it is that makes this harmonious, rich arrangement strike such a perfect balance between the slightly green, airy rose accord and the gourmand, we don’t know. Chalk it up to Andy Tauer’s magic.

Une Rose Chyprée Notes:
Rosa damascena absolute and essential oil, bay, cinnamon, bergamot, lemon, Clementine, Bourbon geranium, labdanum, oak moss, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla

Available for pre-order in 15ml flacons (shown in image above) for $75 through Luckyscent. You may also garner a small sample of this new Andy Tauer creation through Luckyscent for $3. This perfume is destined to be all the talk when it actually hits shelves in July. Mark my words!

FYI: Receive free FedEx Ground Shipping (continental USA) on any order $50 or more through June. Use code: JUNE at checkout. Remember, though, this new fragrance doesn't ship until July 1st.

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