Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ron Robinson: Beauty and the Beach

Check out what Ron Robinson has in store for you for beach worthy beauty and then some.

Folks are raving about COOLA suncare products. They're more than just sunscreen, though. Silky, transparent, age defying, and vitamin/antioxidant-rich, COOLA FACE ($32) is specially created to protect, hydrate and soothe delicate facial skin. Formulated with twelve certified organic extracts including Cucumber, Rose Hips, and Comfrey that, among other benefits, help to tighten skin and stimulate healthy tissue growth. Absorbs quickly, leaving a sheer matte protective finish. COOLA FACE is perfect as an everyday moisturizer.

OSEA skincare is causing some waves ... the nice, relaxing kind. Case in point, Osea's Ocean Cleanser ($44) - This gentle marine-based cleanser effectively removes dirt and impurities while hydrating and re-mineralizing the skin. Red Algae, a mineral rich variety of marine algae extremely high in microelements, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids gentle cleanses the skin to allow greater permeability. Ocean Cleanser is free of chemical surfactants and great for easy makeup removal.

How about a nice refresher for your locks? Sachajuan Ocean Mist ($29) leave in formula delivers a beach feel. The hair gets a natural twist like after a day at the beach with sun and great waves. How to use: Use in clean, wet or dry hair.

Of course, there's much more in store for you. Check out the beauty of Apothia at Ron Robinson for more fabulous products to get you beach ready, summer kissed and stunningly beautiful!

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