Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fall 2009: Paul & Joe Limited Edition ~ Autumn Makeup Collection

Straight from the runways, this year’s Limited Edition Fall collection from Paul & Joe features fashionable prints inspired by the Autumn-Winter 2009 Paul & Joe Fashion collection, keeping your vanity as stylish as your closet. Paul & Joe fashion designer and beauty creator, Sophie Albou keeps you beautifully in-trend with a trio of designer shades for eyes and lips enhanced with Paul & Joe’s new SECRET D’OR formula to deliver a universally flattering champagne gold shimmer to every face and smile.

Fashionably fun, these pretty patterns showcase the season’s latest lip colors in a delectably creamy texture. Conditioning floral extracts leave lips moisturized for a pout that looks and feels day-long wonderful. Engraved with Paul & Joe’s signature chrysanthemum pattern. $20 each

Cruising - This juicy pink plum is perfect for anywhere your night takes you.
Reckless - A racy red that will leave you anything but out of control.
RPM - Maximum beauty in minimally soft pink beige.

Formulated with a greater quantity of luxurious frost, Color Powder CS exudes a soft, velvety texture that leaves you looking flawless and breathtakingly beautiful. Complete with a convenient, enclosed applicator to touch up anytime, anywhere. $24 each

Verite - Off-White/Gold – A natural hue that brings out your inner beauty.
The Wild One - Blue Green/Navy – Dare to bring out your wild side with this bold duo.
Breathless - Pink Beige/Bordeaux – A breathtakingly sexy shade that will steal his heart.


Paul & Joe introduces new tools to perfect your beauty routine on-the-go.

The Portable Face Color Brush - allows for smooth and precise application of your favorite Paul & Joe face color, bronzer or powder. Featuring a round cut shape, this take-anywhere brush provides flawless makeup application for even the most meticulous makeup artist. Made with all natural hair and enclosed in elegant gold packaging, this slender tool adds a luxurious touch to your travel bag. $38

The Portable Touch-Up Brush - round cut brush with tightly gathered tips lets you draw a flawless lip line all the way to the corners of the mouth. Made with 100% Japanese mink, the brush has fine tips and great body, and it is durable as well. It holds lip colour well and does an outstanding job of applying and enhancing color. $18

With your $75 or more Paul & Joe order from Beautyhabit, receive a complimentary Paul & Joe Cosmetic Pouch. Just enter code: RUNWAY at checkout to receive your gift. Offer ends 8/16/09.

Paul & Joe Limited Edition is now available at Beautyhabit.


  1. Perricone MD - AshleyAugust 6, 2009 at 12:46 PM

    I love the "Breathless" eyeshadow, it's such a perfect color combo for the fall!

  2. Great colours for Fall!!

    I hope all is fine with you, dear.

    Have a fantastic weekend


  3. These look fantastic - I always love to see pics of their products.

  4. Tey've always gotsuch great packaging and the colors look scrumptious for fall this year.

    Hi Seeker - yes, my sweet fashion diva, all is fabulous here - thanks!


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