Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fusion Beauty Seeks to Fatten Your Lip(s)!

Mmmmm ... one of our favorite lip plumping brands is bringing a whole new sense of plump to counters beginning mid-September. Fusion Beauty, of LipFusion fame, is set to launch inFATuation Liquid Shine Multi-Action Lip Fattener, which will deliver a formula (treatment) for longer term lip plumping action. Sign me up!

“What we really wanted to do with Infatuation is bring a lip product that, unlike LipFusion, plumps lips for the long haul,” said Tammy Yaiser, Director of Product Development for Fusion Beauty. “We found the technology and what it does is that it helps your body increase fatty acid promotion and storage. It takes about 28 days.”

Well, LipFusion is already a fabulous product for real plumping results as it stands now, albeit temporary. I'm looking forward to trying their new "fattener" as soon as I can get my hands on it. Wonder if they'll have a yummy flavor like the LipFusion and XL versions have? One can hope.

The new Infatuation Liquid Shine Multi-Action Lip Fatteners (whew, that's a mouthful - pun fully intended) will debut in six fantastic shades and will retail for $29 each. For more information when this hits in September, visit FusionBeauty online.


  1. Longer term lip plumping sounds good to me. :)

  2. I agree.I love LipFusion formulas. They're very hydrating for lips and based on the colors in the image, looks like a fresh approach in shades.



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