Saturday, August 15, 2009

Three Custom Color Specialists Coming to QVC

Three Custom Color Specialists is sharing the news about their upcoming debut on QVC! Already hugely popular with makeup artists, beauty industry professionals and beauty addicts alike, the brand's exposure through QVC will bring their high quality, coveted cosmetics to the masses.

Tune in and join Trae Bodge, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Three Custom Color Specialists, as she debuts the brand’s signature CRÈME CONCEALER/FOUNDATION formula on “Beauty Newsmakers Face-to-Face” on QVC, Tuesday, August 18th from 10-11 p.m.

This is a truly revolutionary product that can stand-in as a mutli-tasker with ease. It’s all you’ll ever need to hide marks, conceal dark circles and create gorgeous, even-looking skin. This makeup artist’s secret weapon is available in 10 shades on QVC (6 to be demonstrated on-air) and is appropriate for all skin types.

Full coverage - apply with a dry sponge, foundation brush or fingers, pushing into the skin. Moisten sponge or brush for medium coverage.
Sheer coverage - mix with your face cream to create a tinted moisturizer.

After applying the foundation layer, revisit areas that require more coverage with a concealer brush or fingers. Tap into place.

Check out Trae in action, demonstrating more Creme Concealer/Foundation application tips and tricks on “Beauty Newsmakers Face-to-Face” August 18th on QVC.

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