Monday, August 10, 2009

NARS: Fall 2009 Collection

This edgy, alluring look begins with the ultimate bedroom eyes. A harmony of champagne and charcoal eyeshadow hues built to a sultry finish. A soft sheer complexion invigorated with a sculpted, flushed cheek. The primary focal points: bold, deep-plum-tinted lips and tips. The result is charming, glamorous, and resolutely modern. In other words, completely NARS. I'm all about this colletion ... plums, deep tints, browns and purples, golden shimmers, slate blues - I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these products!

The Fall 2009 campaign, photographed by François Nars in New York City, features Canadian model-on-the-rise Heather Marks. Best known for her doll-like appearance - a heart-shaped face, platter-size blue eyes and golden blonde hair - Marks was an obvious choice for NARS’ latest campaign. “Since I was very much inspired by Lolita this season,” says Nars, “I was looking for a model who could represent the modern, independent woman, but who also had a girlish, innocence about her.”

As inspiration for his artistic vision, Nars referenced both the coquettish innocence of Lolita, and the sophisticated sensuality of Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour to conjure a beauty formula that is “very sexy, but at the same time ultra-elegant.” The combination of strength and refinement has become a hallmark of NARS, and is particularly fitting this season as the brand celebrates its 15th anniversary. Happy birthday, NARS Cosmetics! Oui, oui ... x

Longwearing, crease resistant color in sheer wearable formulas. All NARS eyeshadows can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. These richly pigmented powders blend effortlessly and can also be used wet for precisely lining the eyes. Richly pigmented powders, effortless blending, multifunction: use as eyeshadow, eyeliner and on eyebrows. $22

Mekong - shimmer, espresso infused with gold

The same longwearing crease resistant formula as NARS single Eyeshadow, in a series of uniquely paired color combinations. Worn together or alone, all duo eyeshadows can be applied sheer or built up for a more dramatic effect. All powder eyeshadows can be used wet or dry. Richly pigmented powders, effortless blending coordinated in fashionable pairs, multifunction: use as eyeshadow, eyeliner or on eyebrows. $32

Silk Road - a duo of icy pink and rose gold with golden flecks
Brumes - a duo of matte charcoal and blue slate
Indian Summer - a duo of frosted champagne and mustard seed

Fast Ride Lipstick $24
This seemingly dark purple may intimidate, but swipe it across the lips and its true shade is revealed: a sheer mulberry. A color that falls somewhere between an intense plum wine stain, and a moody, deep violet. The glossy grape hue is a playful, cool alternative to more common dark lip color options. And you may remember, NARS lipsticks were voted Best in Beauty, InStyle 2009 - there's a reason for that.

A cult classic in the making. Tokaïdo Express is an opulent blackened amethyst doused with ultra-fine gold dust particles. A chic alternative to the traditional polish palette, and a more current option for longtime devotees of black nail lacquer. Hip but elegant, artistic but wearable, Tokaïdo Express will be Fall's ultimate object of desire for the most style savvy. $16

Shop NARS now for this exquisite collection. There's nothing in here you won't absolutely love!


  1. Are they using their own (read: NARS) foundation on this model or it can be any product?

    Had to ask, because her skin looks great.

  2. Hi there ...

    Yes, they did! In fact, MU Artist Diane Kendal created the look and used NARS Concealer (the creamy stick) and NARS Firming Foundation (their newest foundation product) to perfect model Heather Marks' complexion.

    Great question - thanks!


  3. Wow!
    This is a very nice product then.

    I've been using YSL Perfect Touch for 2 years, a week ago got MAC Studio Fix (NC15) and now I see this! *must get to the counter and try ASAP*

    ThanQ for such a great blog! <3 it ;)


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