Wednesday, August 26, 2009

YSL's New Gloss Volupte Gloss Stick

Introducing YSL's first gloss stick, a sheer, sensual gloss with SPF 9 combining the femininity and sensuality of a lipstick with the comfort and shine of a gloss. Colorshine complex and Candellila resin result in a transparent, non sticky shine. Thanks to fluid silicones and melting microcrystalline waxes, Gloss Volupté leaves lips feeling sensual, silky and full of comfort. Pomegranate extract and a delicate mango fragrance provide a delicious touch of freshness. Available in four transparent, mouth-watering shades: (L-R below) #1 Iced Lychee, #2 Chilled Raspberry, #3 Frozen Cherry and #4 Frosted Plum - $30

Oh, and have you checked out YSL's new "Y" Palette? Garnering lots of attention, PALETTE Y Collector Palette for the complexion is both a blush and a powder; the Y Palette instantly highlights all skin tones. With the Y initial “stitched” into the powder, it is a true fashion accessory, and you'd expect nothing less from a company bearing the name of Yves Saint Laurent. $62

For more information, visit YSL online.

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