Friday, August 21, 2009

Smashbox Halo - Now in Eye Shadow!

After knocking the industry off its feet with Halo Perfecting Powder with its anti-aging, against product type hydrating factor, Smashbox is about to launch another first of its kind product by bringing us gorgeous eyeshadows (duos nonetheless) in the Halo line. Brilliant!

Smashbox's innovative Halo Hydrating Perfecting Eye Shadow Duo contains two perfectly coordinated, wearable shades for the base and lid. It's your secret to a beautiful, natural eye that looks effortless. A built-in shaver delivers the convenience of a pressed powder and the radiant finish of a loose one. The shaver allows you to get fresh, loose pigment with each use. These shadows deliver the same hydrating, anti-aging benefits to your lids that the perfecting powder does for your face. Yes, in a powder shadow. Amazing.

Pre-order Halo Hydrating Eye Shadow in the shade of your choice now through QVC and you'll enjoy them before the rest of the world gets to try this, and at a special introductory price. The advance order set includes a 0.15 oz Halo Hydrating Perfecting Eye Shadow Duo, a Blending Brush #3, and a Crease Brush #10. Special price - $39.54 (retail value $91)

Shade choice of: Soft Peach/Cocoa (soft peach/warm brown), Pewter/Smoke (platinum/deep slate), Bisque/Almond (warm beige/soft nude), or Petal/Plum(soft pink/heather)

Worldwide launch on August 22, 2009 and exclusive to QVC until November 1, 2009!
Update: You know, I didn't say this last night when I posted the article, but it's waying on my mind and I wanted to add ... indulge me, please. lol But, truly, this kit is worth the price for the Smashbox brushes alone! If you've never tried a Smashbox brush, and you're getting TWO in this kit, you'll find that you'll use these with all your shadow brands to apply to lids. The gray-pewter and purplish options, in particular, are RIGHT ON in terms of colors you'll be seeing in the fall. That price is crazy nuts! Okay, said my peace. xo

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