Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Miss "Double Duty Beauty" with PurpleLab

PurpleLab premiered earlier today on HSN and they're on again tonight. You simply cannot miss this! I fell in love with PurpleLab's first-born product, Huge Lips Skinny Hips before they were even available in stores and became an instant fan of Karen Robinovitz, product creatrix, at the same time. One can't help but fall in love with Karen; she is completely magnetic and her unique products fill a gap as well as offer fun variety.

Karen's now introducing a whole new line a products, and man are they genius. Become even mildly acquainted with PurpleLab and you too will appreciate just how fabulous this brand and its creator are. Here's a preview of what's on the menu of beauty tonight on HSN.

Your backstage pass to beautiful lashes and smoldering eyes awaits with the Purple Lab Lashionista Modelista in Black. This .33 oz. double-duty beauty mascara and liquid eyeliner package even fits perfectly in your handbag so you're never far from feeling like a runway-ready, sizzling socialite. Event price $26.50 (reg $32.50)

Purple Lab Lashionista Modelista in Black Features:

Mascara and liquid eyeliner in 1 convenient, double-ended dispenser.
Both formulas are infused with proteins - formulas help renew and enhance your lashes' appearance and condition.
After Dark shades - help eyes sparkle and shimmer with high-drama colors that also are soft, rich and shiny.
Inspired by the strong, savvy, smart, late-night "it" girls who run with the social jet set.
Lashionista Mascara - statement-making mascara with a curved wand.
Fashionista Eyeliner - goes on with a felt tip so you can apply a thin line, a dramatic line or somewhere in between. The formula contains sparkling diamond powder. Perfectly colored and clear diamonds are ground down to powder form, adding a new dimension to color and twinkling to the max.

Wrap your skin in sophisticated, silky softness with the luxurious Purple Lab Silk Sheets Luxe Foundation. This 1.2 oz. creamy formula is both a foundation and a skin beauty treatment in one. This is the ultimate canvas for your makeup and helps perfect the look of all complexions. Choose from Light, Medium, Tan or Dark to match your skin tone. $34.50 (available @ HSN tonight with flexpay options)

Purple Lab Silk Sheets Luxe Foundation Features:

Helps give your skin a sumptuous feeling, like that of sleeping on silk sheets.
Formula feels smooth, fluid and amazing on the skin.
Helps give a flawless finish.
Made with coveted ingredients - contains algae, hyaluronic acid, juniper, almond seed oil, Vitamin C and nettle.
Contains specialized moisture binders to help plump up the look of the skin.
Contains firmers to help give the complexion a tightened appearance.
Foundation is like a house, the base of your face and makeup, and holds everything together. Without the right foundation, the house (or your makeup) just won't last.

Bring a beautiful glow with the must-have duo in Purple Lab Luxury Squared Highlighter and Under-Eye Concealer. Pop open this chic mirrored compact to reveal side-by-side formulas (.16 oz. total) containing fine silk fibers, skin firmers, antioxidants and moisturizers. Slide them on to help your skin look tightened and brightened, no matter your skin tone and type. $24.50 (flexpay offered w/ HSN card)

Purple Lab Luxury Squared Highlighter and Under-Eye Concealer Features:

These are as much beauty treatments as they are makeup.
Highlighter - one of the most underrated face enhancers, highlighters help add dimension and glamour to your look. Use under your outer eyebrow, at the corners of your eyes, or by your nose for a look of youth and sophistication. Put a dab at the bow of your lips for extra juiciness, or add as a slick touch to shoulders when you're wearing something sleeveless. Apply along the shins to showcase the sexy muscle line when you're wearing short skirts, dresses or shorts.
Concealer - color-corrects under your eyes, helping to even skin tone before you apply foundation. This not a blemish cover-up, but more of a color-toned neutralizer that helps act as a firmer.

Flaunt the look of seductive, sophisticated supermodel cheekbones with help from the Purple Lab Cheek Implants Cream Blush. You deserve this .19 oz. color formula that seeps into pores and helps plump the appearance of your cheeks. It comes in a chic mirrored compact in your color choice of Backstage Pass (Peach) or Six Inch Heels (Rose). $24

Purple Lab Cheek Implants Cream Blush Features:

Six Inch Heels (Rose) color - beautiful rosy blush with shimmering golden highlights. This glam, haute and hot attention-grabbing color helps impart the same invincible emotion you feel when you're wearing your favorite pair of high-heel shoes.
Backstage Pass (Peach) color - this peachy nude-ish stain is flirty, feminine and ultra-flattering on all skin shades. It helps make you feel like you're a VIP with a backstage pass, feeling special. When your cheeks look modelesque on the outside, you feel beautiful within, ready to take on the world. Live life like you have a backstage pass at all times!

Slide on the sexiest shades for scintillatingly seductive lips with the Purple Lab Luvah 3-D Lip Color. This .12 oz. duo of mixable lip shades with a lip plumping effect gives your pucker-ups a three-dimensional look. They come in a mirrored compact with applicator brush, so your lips can always be enticingly kissable wherever you are. Choose from Mama's Boy (Nude) or Rich Jerk (Berry) colors. $22.50

Purple Lab Luvah 3-D Lip Color Features:

Each compact features two colors - mix for a rich, deep 3-D effect. Colors are named for "date types" of men.
Contains the "Complex OO" - double plumping effect is created by complementary color shades and the lip plumping formulation.
Formula features dong quai (an ancient Chinese herb) and ylang-ylang along with a vanilla mint flavor.
2 color choices - Mama's Boy has pink nude colors with soft brown undertones, which is a great natural look for day or night. Rich Jerk has chic berry colors that pop, yet don't overwhelm. Berry is a color of power.

And ... the product that started it all, available at HSN in a fab duo combination!

Purple Lab's Huge Lips Skinny Hips Lip Plumper Duo is for every woman who ever craved plump-looking lips that beg to be kissed. These beautifying lip glosses shine, temporarily plump, soften and contain hoodia. You receive two .17 oz. glosses in your choice of 4 color combinations. $29.50

Purple Lab Huge Lips Skinny Hips Lip Plumper Color Combinations:

Mauve Shimmer (Worship Kate)/Clear as Crystal (No Panty Lines) - slightly dark pink with hints of mauve and shimmer/clear gloss.
Pink Sheer (Kitty Pole Dancer)/Clear as Crystal (No Panty Lines) - nudish pink sheer/clear gloss.
Sheer Red (Red Sole)/Clear as Crystal (No Panty Lines) - sultry, sexy, fierce red sheer/clear gloss.
Clear as Crystal (No Panty Lines)/Clear as Crystal (No Panty Lines) - clear gloss/clear gloss.

You may also buy these plumping double-duty glosses individually at $22 each.

Run to your TV's to catch this showing tonight on HSN 8:00 - 9:00 pm ET, or tune in online at! Be treated to Karen's descriptions of each product and the fun behind them. All products made in the USA.


  1. OMG I ordered the foundation AND a lip plumping duo. Could have easily ordered more but my husband was watching me. Ha ha. I think I got one of the last Red Sole glosses HSN had before they sold out. Whew.

    Thanks for posting. I can see what else I want to get next paycheck. lol

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