Sunday, February 7, 2010

REVIEW: Ilari Fragrance ~ A Divinely Inspired Creation

A true Valentine fairytale ...

In September 2009, New York City based fragrance line, ILARI, launched its signature scent. ILARI is an exotic blend of jasmine, sandalwood, musk, ebony wod and orange blossom, in an elusive union of soft and feminine with clean and herbal.

Here's to all those who've wanted to blend their own Love Potion No. 9, and have their dreams of love come true. When Hillary Schneider, ILARI's creator, moved to New York City from the medwest, she aspired to find what every post-graduate, twenty-something seeks; to have fun, make new friends, forge an identity all her own, and maybe just maybe ... find love.

She embarked on a quest to create her own aphrodisiac. Donning a complex mixture of scented oils and body mists, Hillary was often stopped in shops, restaurants and even on the street with inquirieis about her scented blend. Approached outside a downtown restaurant one evening, an attractive fellow diner remarked, with what she likes to believe was complete sincerity, "I could fall in love with a woman who smells as beautiful as you."

Hillary and the attractive stranger were married in July 209 in a very New York City wedding. One might expect she donned her love potion elixir for the ceremony.

My own experience with ILARI has been magical as well. I was first attracted to the fragrance in a Barney's advertisement due to the sweet bottle with its calming shade of aquamarine. I just knew the potion within must have very special qualities ... it called to me, you might say.

I'm by no means a white floral fragrance wearer, so the idea of jasmine as the main top note gave me a little pause. Even so, I rolled on the lovely liquid to the pulse points of my wrists, my throat, behind my ears and at the base of my neck. First impression: very florally. Oh no ... I wasn't going to like it. Say it isn't so ... please. Slightly disappointed with my initial reaction to it, I went on with the day, in and out of meetings with clients and peers. I actually did receive a number of compliments on how I smelled, but you know if the "wearer" doesn't like it, it doesn't get worn. At least, that's been my philosophy - whether it's a fragrance, clothing, a lipstick color, what have you.

I went home that evening exhausted and wanting nothing more than to undress, put on a silky nightgown and get in bed. As I took off my shirt, wrists close to my face, I smelled something quite divine. "What smells like that?" I wondered. I picked up a couple of candles I keep on my window sill and sniffed them ... no, it's not the candles. I smelled by blouse ... ah, yes there's a hint of it there ... was it my fabric softener? No. Then it dawned on me. "Smell your wrists, dingbat," my mind nudged me. Yes, yes ... that's it! That's it!

The dry down of the fragrance is so yummy, so subtle, yes even mysterious that I can indeed enjoy it afterall. So enraptured with the scent was I, that I reapplied another layer of the delightful elixir before getting into bed. Perhaps the scent inspired the sweet dreams I had that night; I don't know for sure, but I enjoyed the aroma all night long.

ILARI is the opus of Hillary's quest to create that illusive scent. The unique blend of oils gives ILARI a slightly varied yet equally intoxicating aura on each woman who wears it.

ILARI comes in a precious emerald colored roll-on bottle with a lovely satin drawstring pouch, retails for $65 and is available directly from ILARI New York online or at Barney's.


  1. Sometimes the lingering smell after you've worn a perfume for a few hours smells even better than when you first put it on! Lovely post xox

  2. mmmm, yes you're right. This one, the Ilari, is so beautiful on the "linger". I think I've worn it to bed every night since I first tried it. It truly is a lovely fragrance. There's nothing like discovering that lingering "surprise" in a perfume, that second or even third phase of the fragrance ... delights the senses all around.


  3. I was looking for a gorgeous fragrances that fill your world with sensory pleasure even though I am not good for a fragrance descriptions but I wanted to have a perfume collections. Anyway,thank you so much for bringing up this so informative.


  4. Hi Isey,

    Ilari is a gorgeous, delightful fragrance that wears long on the skin giving you many different layers of fragrance. Hope you decide to pick this up as you won't be disappointed. It's absolutely lovely.


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