Friday, March 14, 2008


Still lovin' it! Although I hope they bring Lorraine Bracco back for some more juicy drama that only she can conjure. This little show still has me wanting for more, more, more. I'm so glad the network is bringing it back next season. Contrary to some public opinion, I really like this show much better than Sex & the City, Candace Bushnell's first foray into television, and particularly the fact that these ladies are much more substantial in content. I'd much rather share a cocktail or jet to Scotland (lol) with Wendy, Nico or Victory sans Carrie, Samantha and group. Know what I mean?

There are a couple of pieces that don't work for me though; for instance, I'm still not "feeling" the whole Victory Ford - Joe Bennett relationship, although I think he may be a fascinating character to develop on his own. And what's with the character Julian Sands plays; Julian Sands, really? Just having a hard time grasping him in that role.

Victory, Wendy, Nico

Still tallying the fave, so give us your vote for favorite LJ lady at this point:


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