Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PIAFFE: Beauty Secrets of an Irish Lass

Marie Regan, founder of Piaffe, a line of beauty which celebrates the graceful and elegant strength of dressage - likened to an equine ballet, is herself an Irish lass. Marie shares a bit of her fond childhood memories of her Gaelic mother's stories about the lush beauty of Ireland and her fabulous beauty secrets at the Piaffe site. With an impressive 15+ years in the fashion industry as an exec for Donna Karan, Marie appreciates quality and insists on effectiveness in her products.

Taking her cue from her Irish mother's ageless beauty, Marie chose Horse Chestnut Extract as the cornerstone ingredient of her new line. "Horse Chestnut comes from a flowering tree," she says. "It has been used for centuries in Ireland as an herbal remedy where my mother grew up." Other beneficial ingredients she has selected include aloe, mango and honey. In addition, Piaffe Beauty products are infused with replenishing minerals and vitamins A, C and E for superior antioxidant protection. "The key to all this is that I am filling a niche that women have been demanding for years: high-end beauty products that can be depended on to nurture the skin and body."

One of the line's top sellers, Piaffe Velvet Body Creme, quickly became a cult favorite. Celebrities couldn't wait to get their hands on this lush, decadent cream for its firming properties, and the word spread quickly.

Piaffe Velvet Body Creme became one of my favorites with the very first use. It's a staple on my dresser and I even carry some in a little jar to travel with. Here, a little more information to share on this divine product:

  • A lightweight intensive nourishing creme that enables skin to look young, fresh and firm.
  • Leaves skin velvety by smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite.
  • Rich in natural horse chestnut, shea and mango butter, aloe and honey for hydration and calming.
  • Contains custom extract blend of marigold (anti-inflammatory), chamomile (soothing) and green tea (antioxidant).
  • Available in the following fragrances: Lemon Verbena, Horse Chestnut and White Lilac (all three fragrances are superb; I've tried them all)

Marie has expanded beyond a full line of skincare to now offering cosmetic products, brushes and accessories. High end, but worth every penny. I'd encourage you to check them out!

Available at Piaffe.com and Bliss Spas

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