Monday, March 31, 2008

REVIEW: T. LeClerc - The Master of Loose Powders

Ever discover a product you like so much you just want to shout it from the rooftops for all to hear? Such is my affinity for T. LeClerc Loose Powders.

Having discovered them a couple of years ago, I am still confounded that nothing else I've tried yeilds the same flawless results as these.

Remember when Coty Spun Silk was all the rave in the 80's? T LeClerc is better. Or when makeup mavens the world over discovered the fabulous texture of BECCA loose powders, and in particular the matte, finished effect of Sesame? T. LeClerc is better still.

Ok, ok ... so what makes this the loose powder afficionado's "It" product? For starters, it's amazingly fine and light based on pure rice starch providing a matte finish and visibly smoothing lines. It masters light and hides flaws while enhancing the complexion. It also protects against negative effects of the sun and is generally well-tolerated even by sensitive skin types. However, the pièce de résistance is the assortment of shades, and in particular, what each accomplishes in effect.

My personal all-around favorite is "banane". This is a soft, pale yellow, which reflects light in a very flattering way illuminating fair to medium complexions with pink untertones. This is also the shade most universally used by celebrity makeup artists for an impeccable, flawless finish.

The powders come in a 35g hand-sealed silver metal tin (shown above). There are travel sizes (7g in travel sized tin) for some of the shades as well. The point I'd like to make, though, is these full-sized tins last a loooooong time! My first tin lasted well over a year making it worth every penny of the $50 or so originally paid.

Currently available in 20 shades:

Chair RoseeNaturelOrchideeBlancheChair OcreeCannelleBananeTranslucideAbricotBistreCameliaNacreOcre RoseParmeTilleulBronzeChair Ambre

You may click here and then click individual shade boxes to find out which shade(s) is best depending on your desired effect.

Available at: T. LeClerc, Barneys, eLuxury

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