Monday, March 31, 2008

SNEAK PEEK: MAC Neo Sci Fi - Summer 2008

Hello Bronze!
Seems like everywhere we look these days, everyone is set to introduce summer collections that are "bronze-focused". I'm a little disappointed in these shades, but as with lots of us, my mind is apt to change as summer draws in. Perhaps when May hits (the collection's expected launch period), I'll be wanting to pick 'em all up. Ummmm ..... doubt it!

And, although a new packaging look for MAC with Neo Sci Fi, I'm sticking with the likes of Dress Camp for the best shown over the past few collections. Of course, these are preliminary photos; perhaps MAC has something altogether different in mind for us {crosses fingers}.

Naked Space Lipglass - creamy, natural peach
Supreme Lipglass - bronze with golden pearl
Soft & Slow Lipglass - pale beige with golden pearl
Pink Grapefruit Lipglass - pinkish-orange with golden pearl

Astral - mid-tone brown with reddish pearl
Electro - brilliant orange
Sunsonic - gold with whitish pearl

Pleasure Seeker - creamy peach
Sci-Fi-Delity - burnt red with golden pearl

Metalist - copper with white pearl
Phosphor - mustard seed yellow
Plasma Blue - turquoise with white pearl
Neon 8 - orange with orange pearl

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator - the volcanic ash and sugar crystal exfoliator cleanses, hydrates and softens skin

Lip Conditioner - helps to exfoliate epidermic cells on one-side while hydrating and conditioning lips on the other

Charged Water - resulting from gemstones and recharged ions, citrus aroma uplifts and energizes, while the enriched product hydrates and soothes

source: cosmo (int'l),


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