Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UPDATE: LipFusion Plump & Re-Plump ... More Shades

I first told you about LipFusion's new product, Plump & Re-Plump Liquid Lipstick back on March 5th (click here). Since then, I've discovered there are an additional five shades being introduced for a total of seven:
Runway (classic red)
Starlet (plum berry)
Beauty (deep rose)
Healthy (healthy flush)
Naked (warm nude)
Baby (baby pink)
Bunny (nude rose)

Per LipFusion, this is how it works:

Micro-injected™ dehydrated Hyaluronic Acid and marine collagen filling spheres penetrate lips, then swell the body's natural moisture to plump lips instantly. Then, a breakthrough combination of quercus suber extract + 2 powerful peptides creates a cross network of molecular bonds that activate on contact with moisture to help replump, firm, lift and renew suppleness, whether you're licking your lips, rubbing them together or even talking.

LipFusion XL remains one of my favorite plumpers as far as effectiveness goes, and I especially like to apply it right before bed at night. Looking forward to trying this new item myself. Let us know what you think if you've had the opportunity to try this new product by posting a comment below! xo

Haven't seen at/on Sephora yet, but they're available for $38 each in all seven shades at and in shades of Runway and Naked at (and at Bliss Spa)

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