Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aerie Fragrance + One Ugly Store Manager

American Eagle Outifitters' Aerie line has a new feminine fragrance out and it is quite delightful. With top notes of flowering quince and green apple, middle notes of watery jasmine and blue freesia and a dry down to sexy, empowering sandalwood and musk, this fragrance is easy to love. Available in the full size spray ($39.50), a sweet little purse-sized atomizer ($15.50), a shimmer cream ($17.50) and a shimmer powder brush ($24.50), we chose the cute little atomizer spritzer.

We refers to my daughter and I. As you know from prior posts, my daughter, 14, has become quite the little connoisseur of fragrances. We enjoy shopping together and trying out new fragrances and beauty items. Usually, we have a fabulous time. Keyword there = usually.

(picture purposely obscured so as not to be too brash)

Meet Ashley

Ashley, we're told by the girl behind the counter, is the Store Manager at our local American Eagle Outfitters in Mandeville. Ashley is bothered by customers in her store. I wonder what made Ashley decide to be a store manager for a retail firm?

On this particular night, we had the pleasure of catching Ashley in an especially horrendous mood. We caught Ashley commiserating with the gal behind the counter, apparently aggravated - about what, who knows. The two, glancing out at the customers from the counter, rolling their eyes, huffing. We tried to stay out of their way.

But it was short-lived. My daughter and I, drawn by the new fragrance in the store after sampling it via a promo card by mail, had our eyes on a purchase. Off we went to the fragrance counter to see which option of the new Aerie fragrance we'd select. Graceful here (that's me) knocked over one of the shimmer powder brushes while trying to reach for the full size bottle of fragrance. Ohhhhh .... that was it! That's all Ashley needed to justify verbal ugliness. She stomped over to us demanding that she "help us" with the fragrances. I was quite capable of picking up the little box that tipped over (no damage done, was in a secured packaged) but she insisted I keep my hands off by grabbing for it herself. She took the bottle I had in my hand away from me and brought it over to the counter. Then she mumbled some curse words and trapsed back to the counter, more venting with her pal at the counter.

The photo above was taken right after she straightened some clothing on the hangers. Her thoughts on that, verbalized out loud to another employee and in earshot of several customers, "Look at this! Can you believe this! Can you believe people act like this!"; add in a few curse words there as well. Yes, seriously. Curse words. Yes, the store manager - in front of adults, teens, children - it didn't matter, Ashley needed the world to know she was "pissed" (her word; yes, hers). These are but a couple of the several such "episodes" we were lucky enough to catch at the good ole AE tonight. It was Ashley's stage and she was determined to give a memorable performance. Nice example to her employees huh? How about this, "Hey Janie and Joe-worker, here's how NOT to act when you're store manager". Or, "Hey, here's a lesson in how to drive customers right out your store, never to return again". They'll not be bothering you anymore.

Not knowing she was store manager, I asked for the SM's name when we checked out (ordinarily I would have refused to buy the item on principle after her rant, but I'd promised my daughter I'd get it ahead of time and it's the only AE in town). She was it, of course - the store manager. She'd only give me Ashley's first name, wouldn't give me who Ashley answered to. That's okay, I've already filed a formal complaint with corporate. I'll let you know how that works out.

In conclusion -- if you're in store for a fabulous, lovely, feminine yet not too sweet scent, check out Aerie's new signature fragrance. Just don't go to the AE in Mandeville to buy it!

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  1. yikes. sounds like a nightmare!! i would have left and purchased the fragrance online and told Ashley what a bitch she is

  2. Heavens. I really hope you hear something back from them. I'm in retail management and I always want to know if my store's customers have been mistreated. It reflects on the whole company, not just the one store. That's too bad. Sorry that happened to you. Nice of you to still give a good review of their perfume.

  3. OMG! I had such a lovely experience at a Lady Footlocker. It was close to closing and the manger didn't want to fold clothes anymore I guess. She made a total show of following me around and refolding everything I picked up. I hold things up to see how big they are. I asked her why they didn't put things on hangers so people could see the size? Then they wouldn't have to refold everything. She didn't have an answer for that.

    Please let us know what the response is:)

  4. Thanks for the supportive comments, ladies - I really appreciate it. I've heard absolutely NOTHING from American Eagle, by the way, in response to my complaint. I'll be working my complaint up to the next level and see what happens. Very discouraging that a business of this size would fail to reach out to consumers. They won't be getting my dollar!

  5. I don't know what your problem is, but you should really be more understanding of Ashley. Ashley is a "pretty girl" who has been forced to confront the realities of having to work for a living, get up and appear at the same place most every day, not being able to chat with her girlfriends on the phone for hours, being held responsible for others actions or inactions, not being given whatever she wants when she so much as gives a glance to those you worship at her feet, dealing with the fact that she is not perfect or that she is NOT a member of royalty, she has service others needs over her own. How could you be so mistaken as to question Ashley in her new kingdom.

    Ashley is an arrogant little bitch who needs to be removed from her throne and introduced to a thorough spanking.

    Be kind to Ashley, keep at it until she has been removed. I suggest writing a detailed letter to corporate in addition to your phone call so it definitely is seen by her superior's superiors.
    Ashley's behavior is absolutely unacceptable!!!

  6. Well ... so far - NOTHING! No reply, no return telephone call, no nothin'. BUT I have taken to writing a formal letter and mailed it Certified to their Vice President of Store Operations at the home office. You know I'll be letting you all know what comes of that.

    They've already lost out on quite an opportunity. My 16 yr old son managed to leave an ink pen in one of his pockets and I washed it with a whole load of his clothes (all AE of course). I tried hair spray, nail polish - nothing worked to get the ink stains out. So, I had to replace those pieces. Didn't get 'em from American Eagle. Someone else got my $200+ of business on that one.

  7. Corporate isn't going to do jack about it.

  8. Also, you come off even more immature than her by taking her picture without her consent and posting it on a blog. Shame on you. What a perfect example you have set for your children.

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