Friday, May 8, 2009

Diana B. 60 Second Instant Miracle Tanning Mousse

Dare I say it? Diana B.'s 60 Second Instant Miracle Tanning Mousse is headed toward cult favorite status. Hell, it may have already arrived. One reason is its absolute uniqueness. This is not your ordinary self tanning product in any way shape or form. After trying this, I cannot wait to explore more Diana B. products.

The Instant Miracle Tan produces water-activated sugar protein-based foam that gives the perfect illusion of suntanned skin. Ladies, this is the "sun-kissed brown" version of tanning, not the "orange-y, fake, oompa loompa" version. Finally!

As I said up top, this is very unique. You actually apply this product IN the shower on wet skin. The Instant Miracle Tanning Mousse is a foaming product with an aloe-vera base. After cleansing and exfoliating skin in the shower, put on the gloves that come with the product (YES, you do HAVE to use the gloves - your palms will be a bizarre color of chocolate if you don't - trust me). Pump some of the foam into your hands and while still in the shower apply to wet skin wherever you want the tan, shoulders, arms, bust and back, tummy, lower back, derriere and thighs, knees, back of legs, calves and feet (not recommended for face though). Count to sixty rubbing the product into your skin while you count. Then simply rinse with fresh water from the shower and pat your skin dry. Voila! That's all there is to it.

Now, you may want to do this several days in a row to accumulate a deeper tan as the color can be very subtle. It's a product that gets better as you play with it a bit in application. What results is a lovely naturally tanned looking skin, no orange. I'd be tempted to use this for the smell of it alone. OMG - it smells sweetly of rich, decadent chocolate with a hint of coconut and almond. And the foamy mousse feels wonderful on the skin. There is no yucky scent typical of most other self-tanners; yes, really!

Diana B.'s 60 Second Instant Miracle Tanning Mousse received Redbook's MVP (Most Valuable Product) award in 2008 and it's been flying off the shelves ever since. It retails for $60 for a 5 oz bottle, pump dispenser, and is available through b-glowing - one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world! xo

Check out what offers and deals may be brewing over at b-glowing here before heading to their site to shop.


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