Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BeneFit Offers Incentive for BADgals

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BeneFit Cosmetics wants to treat you well if you're into BADgals. What's that you say? Well, BeneFit is offering 20 issues of US Weekly Magazine FREE with any $35 BeneFit online order that includes a BADgal product.

Here are your BADgal product choices:

  • BADgal Liner Waterproof - That's right ladies... our famous BADgal liner now comes in waterproof! This extra black waterproof eye pencil stays put, rain or shine. Your dark & smoky eye look will last right up until you take it off. Our forecast: 365 days of sexy! $20
  • BADgal Pencil - She's big, she's bold, she's BADgal! It's the beauty addict's dream of a black eyeliner and a makeup artist's must-have. The powdery consistency of kohl makes this the ideal eyeliner for straight lines or soft, sultry, smoky eyes. You can get so many great looks with this one eye pencil. $ 20
  • BADgal Lash Mascara - With a big, bad brush and a rich, black formula, BADgal lash mascara is like wearing a set of false eyelashes without the glue. $19
  • BADgal Plum Mascara - Intensify your natural eye color with BADgal plum. This rich, luxurious plum mascara brings out any eye color! If you wear brown mascara, this is your new brown! It's the same famous BADgal lash formula & voluminous brush for lavishly long lashes. $19
  • BADgal Blue Mascara - Who knew BADgal mascara could go blue! Our deep-blue-violet mascara brightens the white and enhances the color of your eyes: blue appear more blue; brown eyes more golden; and hazel eyes more lush green. It's new and it's totally for you. Go big, go BLUE! $19
  • BADgal Waterproof Mascara - BADgal waterproof is one BAD, black waterproof mascara that'll have you singin' in the rain! The waterproof & smudge-proof formula keeps mascara intact no matter what elements eyelashes may face. No more smudging or lingering on lids... this stuff doesn't move! Layer it on for lush lashes that will last through storm clouds, showers & more! $20

To take advantage of the magazine offer, simply purchase $35 or more from Benefit online, be sure to include a BADgal product in the order and enter code: USWEEKLY at checkout. Click image below to start shopping now and get your free magazines!

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