Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Organica Deluxe: A Little Bit of Eco-Luxury for Everyone

Wendy James and Jane Hunter created Organica Deluxe on the simple principle that they wanted a beautiful place to buy eco-friendly and organic for themselves and their friends. Recognizing that even organic companies miss the "green" when creating packages as well as the "gorgeous" (read: luxury), they wanted to share their knowledge, love and passion for gift-giving with real choices for giving organic.

"We love chocolates and wines and wanted others to know organic choices are amazing ... it is wonderful to bite into a cookie knowing it is delicious and made with the finest organic ingredients....we were tired of smelling flowers that were super-charged with pesticides...we wanted our babies to be clothed in pure organic cottons...we like companies who care about customers and put that caring into each gift package...we want to support eco-friendly artisans and farmers... we like to spoil ourselves and our friends with the extraordinary."

Oh my gosh, there is so much goodness in this place. A wide range of eco-friendly gift-giving offerings are available; from flowers, baby items, home decor, and leather journals to organic chocolate, ginger cookies and regional wines, you'll find a lovely gift for for every gift-giving occasion for yourself or someone dear in all price ranges. And every Organica Deluxe gift supports organic farmers, manufacturers and artisans around the world.

Organica Deluxe is a must-see site! For more goodness, please visit them online at OrganicaDeluxe.com ~ enjoy.

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