Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Discover La Mer's Transformative Infusions

The Infusions are La Mer's high-powered treatments that deliver transformative benefits. Each has its own area of expertise.

The Hydrating Infusion saturates the skin with hydration, smoothness and conditioning on demand. Dry complexions are replenished, feel soft and smooth to touch, awakening a healthy, resilient appearance. You can use it alone or in tandem with Creme de la Mer to boost its transformational benefits. $95

The Radiant Infusion delivers extreme radiance, clarity, pore-minimizing and tone on demand. Skin looks bright and refreshed. Pores that may have lost their integrity look tightened and refined. Use it alone or in synergy with The Lifting Face Serum to boost its remarkable brightening benefits. $95

Click the image above for more to take advantage of their offer and to learn more about La Mer's Transformational Infusion products. Or, visit them online at cremedelamer.com. The La Mer exclusive offer is available through 3/29/09.


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