Thursday, March 26, 2009

Px: 5 Tips for Flawless Foundation Application with Jillian Vernan

Prescriptives Director of Artistry Jillian Vernan shares her tips for achieving perfect, flawless skin.

Tip 1 - Prime Your Skin
Using a primer is like wearing a slip under your dress. It smoothes everything out and hides your imperfections.
Jillian's Primer Suggestion: Px Flawless Face Primer gives your skin a silky texture so that foundation glides on easily and stays on longer, while diminishing the look of large pores, lines and wrinkles.

Tip 2 - Know Your Skin Type before Selecting a Formula
Foundations come in all forms and should be selected based on your skin type. Drier skin types should wear a moisture-based formula. Oily or acne-prone should wear an oil-controlling formula.
Jillian's Foundation Formula Suggestions: Px Flawless Skin Total Protection Makeup for drier skin types, Px Virtual Matte Oil-Controlling Makeup for oily or acne-prone skin types and any skin type will benefit from a natural, mineral-rich foundation such as Px All Skin Mineral Makeup.

Tip 3 - Choose the Right Tools
Applying foundation is really a personal preference and each method creates a different finish. For liquid foundations, using your fingers creates a sheerer look while the Foundation Brush produces a smooth, seamless finish. For powder makeup use a round buff brush for even, all-over coverage.
Jillian's Makeup Brush Suggestions: the Foundation Brush for liquid foundations, the Round Buff Brush for powder foundation.

Tip 4 - Apply Concealer OVER Foundation
Allowing concealer over foundation allows for better coverage and prevents the concealer from getting swept away. Using a full-coverage formula will instantly conceal dark circles, lines and wrinkles, while reducing puffiness and redness.
Jillian's Concealer Suggestions: Px Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer SPF25.

Tip 5 - Set Your Look with Powder
Powder is a great way to complete your look. Keep it very light - use a fluffy powder brush to dust a lightweight formula powder across skin.
Jillian's Powder Suggestions: Px Powder Brush for application, Px Flawless Skin Total Protection Powder for a lightweight formula. You may also wish to consider their iconic Px Magic Liquid Powder to add a candlelit radiance to skin.

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