Monday, March 23, 2009

Why the Whole Family Will Love Clarsskin

Is Clarsskin Underarm Cleanser something really worth checking into? Indeed it is.

Deodorants and anti-perspirants leave a residue behind. Even the most avid shower scrubber can't get rid of it all. That residue gets into your pores and stays there. It also is the culprit in discoloring the underarms of our favorite clothing. Clarsskin was specifically designed to effectively remove that stubborn residue, leaving you clean. Notice I said "clean", not feeling clean, or smelling clean - but actually clean. They spent five years perfecting the product and the packaging.

How does it work?
Clarsskin contains a unique patent pending combination of an effective chelating agent and other special agents (sounds like the CIA, huh). The complex mixture is specifically designed to remove anti-perspirant and deodorant residue efficiently and mildly. Chelating agents have the capability of penetrating the residue left behind, including the metallic salts deodorants and anti-perspirants are made of. The cleanser is dispensed from a small inverted opening in the bottle, which pops out as the cleanser is released; it's both sanitary and keeps from using too much at once. Of additional benefit, Clarsskin contains no sulfates, parabens or DEA. Yea!

So, do people really feel a difference?
Absolutely! I have to admit I was skeptical that an underarm cleanser would really make any significant difference in my cleansing ritual, but Clarsskin surprised me. With the very first use, I felt the residue being cleansed from my skin. It's a pearly cleaner that lathers gently, leaves skin clean and rejuvenates with a light, lovely fresh scent. Clarsskin can be used to shave with as well.

  • Keeps you safe against pore-clogging residue
  • Protects clothes from underarm discoloration and leave underarms smooth, fresh and clean
  • Keeps your razor "gunk-free"

For more information about Clarsskin, please visit them via their mod online site. The product is available in an original and an unfragranced version and each retails for about $22 (4 fl oz). A little goes a long way, so don't be put off by that price for a cleanser.


  1. awesome review! I totally need this. I always feel that I never remove all of my deo residue :T and I have to switch deos about every 2 months because its no longer as effective. I'm sure this product will help tremendously!

  2. Thanks, girl! I'm telling you, it really is fantastic. You can feel the residue just completely cleared after using ... it's amazing. And it's so, so easy to shave with, it just glides right on. I'm really liking this ... will definitely be a staple in the old shower here.



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