Thursday, March 26, 2009

REVIEW: Lancôme's Skincare Breakthrough of the Year - Genifique

Lancôme introduces Génifique, the first product inspired by your genes. This breakthrough formula is the result of 10 years of research and development in the area of genomics and proteomics and has received seven international patents. Génifique is an entirely new category of product and is geared toward restoring a youthful complexion.

L’Oréal Advanced Research and Lancôme Laboratories forged relationships with Saint Louis Paris University Teaching Hospital and Laval University Teaching Hospital Québec – two renowned institutions making strides in the fields of genomics and proteomics (the study of protein synthesis). They embarked on a decade of discovery, which included the study of 4,400 genes and 1,300 proteins with the most relevance to skin. This unveiled two significant findings:

1. Gene activity slows with age
Young skin is brimming with healthy proteins, but the genes that help activate them slow down with age. Lancôme was able to prove that much like a vintage Mercedes that simply can’t run as fast as it used to, older skin doesn’t produce these genes, which in turn means fewer proteins of youth.

2. Youthful skin carries a unique barcode of proteins
Just like a fingerprint identifies individuals, young skin is identified by a barcode of youth proteins. Lancôme arrived at this amazing discovery after studying the superficial layers of the skin of young women (median age 35) as well as that of older women (median age 65). Lancôme ultimately identified two proteins – CLSP and Desmogleine 1 – that are present in youthful skin. These youth proteins are associated with young skin.

A Cutting Edge Cocktail
Fueled by these discoveries, Lancôme set out to create a product that would challenge the limits of science and innovation.

Génifique contains a complex that has been shown in vitro to stimulate the expression of genes. This complex consists of a cutting-edge cocktail of ingredients: Bio-lysat, a “good” bacteria, and Phytosphingosine-SLC, a building block in skin lipids produced from yeast. This is the first time we have used these two ingredients in combination. The formula also contains HEPES, an exfoliator that helps the skin shed more uniformly, resulting in a smoother surface.

A Lancome First
Génifique is a new category of product designed to be the foundation of a modern skincare routine. It can be used by women of every age, day and night. This high-tech elixir should be used after cleansing and before applying serum or moisturizer. The cushiony texture absorbs rapidly, leaving no residue behind.

The sleek dropper bottle is the perfect delivery system. Simply pump the top to fill the dropper with the exact amount of product needed. Pump the contents of the dropper onto the palm of your hand, warm the product, then apply to your face. Suggested retail price for Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate is $78 for 1 fluid ounce.

I've found a new staple product to add to my must-have skincare products! As hinted on For the Love of Beauty here and here, Génifique has given me the boost in youthful results I've been looking for. This is a lightweight concentrate quickly absorbed by the skin. It leaves a silky, soft, smooth texture and enhances radiance immediately. I've been using Génifique in combination with products from Olay's new ProX line (as my moisturizers for day and night) and I must say the youth enhancing, line reducing, pore minimizing, texture smoothing results have been fantastic! I've even seen fading of sun spots on my hands - I've never been able to find something that does that effectively and noticeably. Génifique is an odorless fluid that truly stands up to the hype and knocks its socks off. The dropper style bottle makes it sanitary and easy to dispense.

I was shopping at a beauty counter just yesterday testing fragrances and creams. I had my teenage daughter and her 15 year old friend with me. She heard me inquiring to the rep about the new DNA anti-aging skincare products out recently and asked me why I was asking the rep about it. When I answered that I'm always on the lookout for the next, best product to get rid of my forehead wrinkles and the "11" lines between my eyes, she replied, "What lines? You don't have a wrinkle on your face." She raised her eyebrows in the mirror on the counter to produce lines on her own forehead and said, "See, that's what forehead lines look like, and you don't have 'em".

I always knew I liked that friend of my daughter's best! : )

Bottom line: Génifique gives me the results I'm looking for. I couldn't be happier with what it's done for the appearance of my skin in just these two short weeks. My face is smooth, toned, and radiant looking. I love it! Visit Lancôme online or at your nearest Lancôme beauty counter to learn more about it. It's available now.

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Must note that I'm marking this "press sample" as I did initially receive a small sample to try when it first came out; however I purchased this product before writing the review and continue to purchase since the writing.

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