Friday, March 27, 2009

Plump Pouts the Natural Way

Can I use a plumper and still have a synthetic-free pout?

Yes! Since the advent of DuWop’s all-natural Lip Venom more brands have followed suit, utilizing essential oils that increase blood flow to the lips and cause slight swelling as a result. While DuWop's plumping agents include cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger, the new Smashbox O-Plump employs ginkgo biloba leaf extract, goji berry extract, and gingermint. Yet another popular pucker-upper, Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Moisture Plump Lip Balm, is infused with licorice and soybean extracts.

Some paraben-, sulfate-, and phthalates-free enhancers rely on mimicking and replenishing natural substances found within the body to give lips a boost. For example, Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips includes all-natural ceramide—lipid molecules which help repair damaged lip tissue and enable new collagen production—and Josie Maran Plumping Lip Gloss is packed with marine collagen, a form of collagen that’s derived from sea plants.



  1. I personally have tried them and can't say they make a significant enough difference on my lips...
    Thank you for sharing the article though:)

  2. Cool. I don't use plumpers because I think it's crazy to use products that make your lips bigger due to an allergic reaction to the ingredients. These sound like a great alternative though!

  3. While not professional, injection-type results, I have garnered a nice plumping through some of these products, and Josie Maran's line of lip products in particular I love. Hers create a stunning lip! xo


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