Friday, May 8, 2009

ideeli spotlight: Georgina Goodman Shoes

ideeli: By 2002, high-end shoes moved into the lead as the accessory status symbol of choice. Sophisticated shoppers everywhere had developed an almost Pavlovian response to the latest trends and were left lusting, practically salivating, over luxurious footwear. It was at this time when Georgina Goodman burst on to the scene. With her sexy yet practical, trendy yet classic creations, Goodman's designs were, quite literally, every woman's dream.

That is precisely what Goodman was trained to do. After working at I-D and Elle magazines, her understanding of what women craved coupled with her knack for design led her to Cordwainer's College in London where this native Brit took up coursework in footwear. After further study at the Royal College of Art, Goodman opened her first store in trendy Mayfair in December of 2002.

Described by Manolo Blahnik himself as, "The future and only footwear designer worthy of note," Goodman has gone on to consult for fashion houses of great distinction including Alexander McQueen and was nominated Accessory Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council two years running. With their signature black & white striped soles and "Made in Love" stamp, Goodman's creations are a rare blend of elegance and character rivaling even the most exquisite artwork in existence.

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