Monday, May 25, 2009

REVIEW: Pomega5 Green Tea Moisturizer

Pomega5 has done it again!

And I was their #1 skeptic. I'd written to them, tweeted them on Twitter, and all but begged them to bring back their Essential Moisture product, a cream filled with the skincare ingredient I'm most addicted to - pomegranate seed oil (and included argan oil in it's blend). But, to no avail. Ughhhhhhh ... they weren't bringing it back.

"Essential Moisture is being replaced by an even more silky and delicious formulation," they advised, "Green Tea Moisturizer. You won't regret it!"
(I scowled at the thought ... more silky and delicious, pshaw ... but I've already fallen in love with Essential Moisture.)

"Try it," they kept encouraging me.

Roxy, really, "the Green Tea is similar, but a little lighter and more airy in texture. So far we haven't met someone who doesn't love it," they kept retorting.

I had no choice, did I. Given the fact that Essential Moisture was gone, I HAD to try the Green Tea Moisturizer. I was desperate to find a replacement that would come close to my love for their other product. And I DID (do) trust Pomega5. They've not let me down yet. (Well, except for the fact that they discontinued my favorite daytime skin cream ... that has to count for something, right?) : )

So be done with it already, Roxy. And so I was. I took advantage of ordering their new Pomegranate Green Tea Skin Detox Kit ($29.50) as soon as it was available on the site, so was able to garner a nice little discount as well. The kit comes packaged in a sweet earthy green organza pouch and includes miniatures of these products, all new to the skincare line-up:

Verbena Green Tea Cleansing Bar For Face and Body (90 g) - deep cleansing, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory blemish relief with strong antioxidants

Green Tea Daily Mattifying Moisturizer (15 ml) - daily detoxifying and purifying moisturizer for normal, normal to oily, acne prone or irritated skin

Daily Skin Revitalizing Concentrate (15 applications) - revitalizing elixir made with potent Omega oils, including 60% pomegranate seed oil extract

Green Tea Blend with Rosebuds (3 servings) - invigorating blend of jasmine green tea pearls and sensuous rose

Following in the tradition of thousands of years by the Japanese and Chinese civilizations, I learned the green tea plant is one of the most potent antioxidants available in nature. Valued for its ability to detoxify and restore balance, green tea has served as an ingredient in various medicinal tinctures, as well as ancient cosmetic aids such as facial compresses and masks. Pomega5 products are handmade from scratch, using the freshest certified organic botanicals, fatty acids and essential oils available.

Pomega5’s new Pomegranate Green Tea Skin Detox Kit draws upon the incredible antioxidant strengths of the precious green tea leaf, combining it with the healing qualities of the pomegranate (thank goodness they kept my star ingredient) and invigorating accents of verbena to yield a new system that is uniquely purifying, nourishing and irresistible. And, yes, it truly is that and more!

I've not opened the cleansing bar yet to try, as believe it or not I'm still working my way through the full-sized Pomegranate Cleansing Bar I bought from them nearly a year ago (and I use it every morning!). My objective was to get the moisturizer, and as it's not yet available on its own, one must purchase the kit to access the cream. I'll give you a review of the other products when I've had a chance to try them.

REVIEW: The Green Tea Daily Mattifying Moisturizer, as it's formally named, is a gorgeous light and airy-whipped cream just as the folks at Pomega5 promised. The cream sinks right into skin leaving a matte, completely non-greasy finish. It is a dream to apply, and each morning I can't wait to get in the bathroom to wash my face and experience the hydration of this new find. As with other Pomega5 products, I've fallen in love with the scent. Clean, fresh, lemony from the verbena and completely intoxicating in the morning. My skin feels hydrated, pores are clog-free, skin is fresh without being greasy, and is brightened and renewed. It's perfect for oily or combo skin types. I'm loving it!

For more information on Pomega5's new Pomegranate Green Tea line of products, visit them online. They must be experienced to really be wholly appreciated. You won't be sorry. xo

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