Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir Expert - Salon Treatments at Home

A leader and innovator in anti-aging and the number one skin-care brand in Europe, Lancaster is on a permanent quest to set new standards in beauty treatment technology. The 365 CE Expert brings salon-standard anti-aging results into the comfort of your own home…all in just 5 minutes!

Lancaster takes its most powerful anti-aging serum, 365 Cellular Elixir, (the first ever serum to help protect the skin’s DNA and to support its natural repair process and resiliency) and boosts its efficiency with the latest in "electro" therapy.

Good Vibrations:
Japanese women have been using vibrations in their daily skincare routines for years. Now it’s our turn to tune in to the benefits of “electro” therapy skincare devices. Lancaster 365 CE Expert combines the satisfying aspects of skin maintenance with more technical methods to visibly boost skin rejuvenation through an increased flow in skin surface micro-circulation.

Key Ingredients:
The Micro-Exfoliation Cream with refined plant micro-powders acts in synergy with the sponge side of the device to instantly eliminate dead cells and re-texturize skin.

The 365 Cellular Elixir is the first ever serum to help protect the skin’s DNA and to support its natural repair process and resiliency boosts its efficiency with the latest in "electro" therapy.


  • Skin instantly looks younger, smoothed-out, vitalized and more radiant
  • After one month, skin tone is unified, skin is dramatically more elastic and wrinkles and fine lines are reduced


I was psyched to have an opportunity to try this system before it hit shelves. Regular readers here will know I'm always on the lookout for the next, best thing to stave off signs of aging, and in particular fine lines and wrinkles. I also recognize the importance of regular, effective exfoliation. This is so easy to use it's unbelievable. The first time I tried it I thought, "There must be something more to this that I'm just not getting," but it really is very easy to use. Everything you'll need comes in the kit, including batteries to operate the Accelerator (the little machine/tool).

It's a gentle treatment, even considering the first step involves "polishing" your skin with an exfoliating cream. You massage the cream all over your face (excluding delicate eye areas) in circular motions with the sponge-side of the tool. Now, this is not like a Clarisonic brush, this is a soft, pillowy sponge that glides easily across skin. Except for the slight flush I saw on my cheeks, I wondered if I was really exfoliating; it's just that gentle.

Next you apply Lancaster's famous anti-aging serum, which seems a tad bit thicker than the bottled serum (almost a gel-serum texture), and feels wonderful going on. You can tell the polishing has been effective when you apply the serum as it absorbs quickly into skin. Lancaster encourages you to use the whole little tube of the serum for one application, but even applying very generously to my face, neck and decollette' there was still a bit left in the tube. Both of the products have no scent, by the way, if that's important to you. You then switch on the other side of the Beauty Accelerator (365 Cellular Elixir function) and massage for 2 to 3 minutes to activate micro-circulation and “redynamize” cellular activity. It's completely painless, very gentle, and incredibly easy to use. Lancaster recommends applying moisturizing cream (yours or theirs) as a final part to the treatment.

I've only used the treatment twice so I'm not able to give any kind of long-term results yet. I'll continue to use and will update as appropriate in a couple of weeks. What I can say is that after just one use my skin was brighter and appeared hydrated and healthy. It's wonderful being able to give yourself a salon treatment in the convenience of your own home, and it feels wonderful.

The Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir Expert Institute at Home Kit retails for $129 and officially launches in June 2009, but you can already get them at SkinStore, and soon at When you consider that the kit includes the tool, the exfoliating cream and the already popular and results-proven elixir, this is a huge value for the price compared to other tools claiming salon-treatment results in an at home option. And this is the good stuff; this is high-end Lancaster skincare, baby. = )

p.s. -- Don't forget, that free Lela Rose bag filled with beauty goodies with purchase of $100 offer is still going on at through 6/30/09. You'll qualify for the gift with a purchase of the Lancaster 365 CE.


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