Thursday, May 21, 2009

REVIEW: Simply Organic Hair Care

In the pursuit of health and beauty, what you put on your hair and skin is as important as what you put in your mouth - this is the philosophy behind Simply Organic Hair Care.

A family owned and operated company, Simply Organic cherishes the relationships they build with their customers. As such, they seek to create products that are not only results driven, but environment-friendly. Their plant based hair care, bath & body and spa products are manufactured at a small facility in Spring Park, Minnesota and may be found throughout the world in boutique spas, luxury hotels and fine salons and spas.

I couldn't wait to try some of their haircare products. So far, I've tried the Everyday Hair & Scalp Wash (shampoo) and Conditioner as well as their Anti-Frizz Creme with favorable results. The products are packaged in amber colored plastic bottles reflecting a classic, simple design style. The shampoo and conditioner both exude a fresh, dewy scent and are not overly herbal in fragrance. I almost wish their scent was a bit stronger, but I'm drawn to strong herbal, essential oil, aromtherapy smells in my 'poo and conditioner. The shampoo works in nicely without over lathering, so you feel like it's not stripping all the good oils from your hair. What I liked about the wash is that it DOES lather. I've found with some "natural" shampoo, the lather is completely missing and I like to feel like my hair is getting clean. The conditioner is rich and leaves hair soft, manageable, and without weighing it down.

I applied the Anti Frizz Creme as a styling product and let my hair dry naturally. I was amazed by this product. My hair retained its natural curl for two days without being stiff or weighed down in any way and there was no frizz up - at all! Even in the hot, humid air of New Orleans' Big Easy, my hair was soft, naturally curly with no frizz - success I tell you. My next foray will be to try some of their shine products.

Check out Simply Organic for yourself. There you'll find a plethora of high quality products to pamper your hair and skin.


  1. Buying quality organic products is the initial move to a healthy, natural, green lifestyle that can bring a good feeling not only to ourselves but as to our environment as well.

  2. completely agree! thanks for your feedback ... happy friday! xo

  3. The reviewer mentions that she likes this shampoo because it DOES lather and states: "I've found with some "natural" shampoo, the lather is completely missing and I like to feel like my hair is getting clean".

    I looked at the ingredients of "Simply Organic's" hair care line and they have chemicals in them. They are not all natural. They have a lot of organic ingredients, but they also have chemicals in them. The chemicals create a lather. Unfortunately, there is no way yet to get a lather using completely natural ingredients that haven't been genetically modified or chemically processed.

    People need to understand that when you choose to purchase a product that contains all natural and organic ingredients, there ARE going to be differences from what you were used to using before with products that contain chemicals. You may need to change your expectations & sacrifice a little much you are willing to sacrifice to be chemical-free is a personal choice. But the media, advertising and society has made us think things that are incorrect - i.e.: lather = clean - when in fact, lather = chemicals.

    I don't mind using shampoos that don't lather. Sure it takes some time to get used to, but soon the results you receive both in how your hair looks and knowing that you are using a truly natural product outweigh the habit of needing a "lather".

    The proof of any organic or natural product is in their list of ingredients.

  4. I agree with 3rd Wave too... read the labels carefully when you intend to buy natural ingredients.

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