Friday, May 22, 2009

REVIEW: Tsi-La Organics Misaki Eau de Parfum

Earthy and summery, reminiscent of an English countryside ripe with wild lavender yet an unsuspecting hint of something fresh and effervescent ... that's the experience of Tsi-La Organics Misaki Eau de Parfum.

The newest scent from this much loved organic perfume brand, Misaki's lavender highlighted fragrance is a lavender unlike any I've experienced before. Yes, it's earthy; yes, it's tranquil, but there's a sparkly quality to this scent as well, presumably brought on by the crushed mint and warm tea infusion. The combination of notes works to produce a unique, seductive, living flower aroma.

Notes: French lavender, warm tea, Sicilian bergamot, crushed mint, green tree moss, Tahitian vanilla orchid, and delicate neroli nectar

The perfume combines the antioxidant benefits of organic Goji berry, organic persimmon and organic red tea with moisturizing organic honey. Oh my, this is some good stuff! No harmful phthalates or synthetic ingredients. Made using food grade sugar cane alcohol. Made with 100% Renewable energy. Over 96% organic, 100% natural.

Tsi-La (pronounced: chi-la) Misaki is available in a 1.7 oz gorgeously decorated floral glass bottle and retails for $125 through Spirit Beauty Lounge.

p.s. -- SCOOP: I've just discovered that Spirit Beauty Lounge is carrying the rms beauty line of organic cosmetics, new this month! Read more about rms beauty here.


  1. Their fragrances are so unique ... quite lovely.

    They are available internationally. There are retailers in Canada, UK, Netherlands and elsewhere. Check the brand's site directly for international locations.


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