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BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT: Pioneering Global Skincare with SeSDERMA

Sesderma laboratories was created in 1989 by a group of professionals who wanted to provide their patients specific treatments for the different skin pathologies they suffered. Dr. Gabriel Serrano, Sesderma’s founder leads the company.

From the very beginning Sesderma’s mission was to create high quality products to meet innovation needs in dermatology. Two decades ago we were pioneers in the launch of products containing alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (e.g., Acglicolic or SaliSeS). At present, these products -reformulated and enriched with active ingredients- are still state-of-the-art products in dermatology.

We talked a wee bit about SeSDERMA early last year when I wanted to introduce you to their fantastic Azelac Moisturizing Gel to clear up redness. There are literally so many products and innovations SeSDERMA is involved with that we could devote a blog to them alone.

What I'd like to introduce to you today, are two of their newer lines of skincare: Fillderma wrinkle filling system and their vitamin C serum - C-Vit. Again, these are way ahead of the pack in terms of innovative and scientific advances in skincare.

Fillderma DUO is the only two step, double action system that fills wrinkles immediately with visible results in 1 hour. It reduces the depth of wrinkles from the inside with long lasting results. Dehydrated hyaluronic acid microspheres penetrate wrinkles once applied to the skin and increase in volume 30 times, filling wrinkles immediately. Mother of pearl soft focus pigments - blurs imperfections (wrinkles, scars and signs of fatigue). There is a moisturizing silicone effect, almost like a primer would do, to yield a nice canvas for foundation application.

  • Step 1 – Oil-based Serum: An oily serum that contains dehydrated spheres with hydrophilic properties is applied on the skin, which must be totally clean and dry. These spheres capture and retain large amounts of water.

  • Step 2 – Activating Gel: After around ten to fifteen minutes and the spheres have penetrated the skin, an Activator Gel is to be applied. This gel contains Hydromatx complex, a unique mix of active ingredients: an enzymatic protease exfoliant (from Bacillus ferment), hyaluronic acid, hydrocotyl extract, soluble collagen, urea, fermented sweet black tea, and PAL-KTTKS.
    • Now, what I want to caution about, is although the product description says there's a matte effect, I don't find that. After using, I find a pearlescent, glowy affect to my skin. The product is so moisturizing, in fact, that with my combo-oily skin (albeit aged and with fine wrinkles), I've come to use it very sparingly and generally not for daytime use. My dryer skinned lovies, however, will adore this product.

      Fillderma Lips is also a two step system that enhances lip volume by filling lip contour wrinkles while hydrating and shaping the lips. These are highly moisturizing products that soothe dry lips, fill-in lips lines by volumizing the lip area and help give lips a healthy, hydrated, full shape. The first step involves a balmy product applied with circular motion onto the lips via the tube. The second step has you applying a creamy, moisturizing product on and around lips. These are fantastic and last forever!

      SesDerma's C-Vit Serum is a powerful serum designed to prevent and treat the processes leading to skin aging. I love this stuff! You actually mix a fresh supply of vitamin C (pure, powdered L-ascorbic acid) right into the liquid serum base (which includes extracts of grapefruit and lemon, oils of orange, grapefruit, lemon and hyaluronic acid). Once mixed, the freshness of the product is perserved for a period of 10-14 days. This way, you benefit from the maximum efficacy of pure vitamin C. This product is fantastic at brightening skin. And, again, this is one of the most potent and fresh vitamin C products you'll find on the market.

      Check out SeSDERMA and see what products appeal to you. You'll find all kinds of wonderful products targeted for individual skincare needs as well as a nice selection of kits and promotional configurations of products at a discounted price. There's nothing I've tried from this company that has disappointed me. The scientific integrity is there and the results are noticeable. You can also request samples of particular products when you make a purchase if you'd like to try something new. If they have them, they'll send them. This is how I've discovered a number of fantastic products - by trying them in the sample form and falling in love with the results.


      SeSEDERMA has been so gracious to offer For the Love of Beauty readers a 10% discount off their entire order. Simply enter code: ftlbspring at checkout and your discount will be applied. No minimum or maximum purchase applies - no restrictions. Yay! A huge thank you to SeSDERMA for this offer. xo

      If you've tried this brand, I'd love if you'd please share your thoughts and experience with all of us in comments.

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