Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lancôme Dual Finish Celebrates an Anniversary

This was my first ever Lancôme purchase. In fact, Lancôme's Dual Finish was my first ever high-end or department store beauty purchase of any kind way back when I was a teenager (it wasn't 30 years ago, though, sheesh, did you think I was that old ...). Prior to discovering its magical properties, suggested to me by my younger sister no less, I'd only used drugstore brand products. Dual Finish was the first of many Lancôme products I'd later come to adore.

I was awestruck by this product. Part powder, part creamy foundation, how did they do that? Dual Finish gives your skin exactly the look, the coverage you’ve decided on…from sheer to simply flawless.

  • Sponges on dry, over moisturizer, for a soft matte effect.
  • Puffs on dry as a matching powder over any Lancôme foundation.
  • Sponges on damp for a high coverage, ultra-matte finish.

In celebration of the product's 30th anniversaty, Lancôme is offering Dual Finish in a limited edition compact. It's available in 10 shades and retails for $35.50. Be sure to check out all the Lancôme deals, free gifts and beauty offers updated regularly on our shopping deals page. They've got some fabulous ones going on now!


  1. It´s wonderful!

  2. I am reading your blog first time and now I will gonna read it every day. Thanks for sharing the article with us.


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