Thursday, May 29, 2008

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2008 - Dandy Collection

Givenchy's inspiration for their upcoming collection? 19th Century Dandies

Hmmm ... do we like? Well, this collection plays with masculine and feminine elements to create an elegant, edgy, and flamboyant look. The look contrasts a strong dark-toned smokey eye in masculine greys and purples with sweet, delicate feminine baby-pink lips and cheeks, rather than a purely neutral lip/cheek. The collection is set for release in August with the mascara (below) set to come out mid-September.

Interesting is the packaging:

Prism Again! Shimmer'Eyes in Precious Shimmer

Lighter gold, purple, and grey pearlescent shades and a dense matte black base (black dots on white background). When used, the polka-dotted surface disappears revealing the base underneath which can be used to line or blend with the other shadows to alter their appearance.

Prisme Again! Shimmer'Eyes in LE Smokey Shimmer

Dense metallic shades in blue, purple, and silver-blacks accompanied with a a matte white base (white polka-dots on black) to soften the look.

LE Pocket Beauty Case designed to appear like a delicately etched men's pocket watch compact. The case opens to reveal a pink and white pearly highlighter than can be used on the cheeks and lips.

Phenomen'Eyes Mascara - quite different, don't you think? An elegant little spherical brush designed to reach every single lash on the eye; as it applies vertically it is said to reach root to tip coating each lash. Now here's the good stuff - it's a water based, polymer mascara (my favorite kind) which sticks to the lashes, separating and lengthening them and will comes in shades of black and brown.

source: kiss and makeup tv

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