Friday, May 30, 2008

Nick Is Steppin' It Up

Could we get more adorable than Nick from BravoTV's Step It Up and Dance? ummm ... not much.

Again, please forgive the digression from all things beauty, but this show has really showcased some stunning beauty in its own right. I've been enjoying watching the show since the get-go and Nick has been my fave all along. I'm so glad to see he's pushing through to the top. Last night's performance was breathtaking, very emotional to watch. You go, gorgeous!


janelle.jpg I'm gonna miss my little Janelle, though ... (tears) ... I love the power, energy and soul in her dance. She'll be writing some tickets of her own though, quite confident about that.

You know, it's really hard to pull for just one of these phenoms in the finals. They're all so, so talented - Cody has that broadway appeal, Mochi is just the epitome of gracefulness and beauty, and Miguel is so fluid, he makes the dance seem effortless (yes, we know it's quite hard).

So, I'm gonna ask you anyway .... care to place a little vote for your fave?

L-R: Nick, Michelle (Mochi), Cody and Miguel

For more info, photos and videos: BravoTV

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