Friday, May 16, 2008

REVIEW: Perianne Skincare ~ Spring/Summer Collection

Quick, open a new window on your computer and get yourself some of the most refreshing, cleansing, hydrating, sensory heightening skincare available.

You've heard me rave about Perianne Skincare before. Cora Michael, the company's creator, and her fabulous team have once again created extraordinary products for this Spring/Summer Collection, chock full of vitamins, seasonal extracts, essential oils and organic ingredients. These are a feast for the senses and incredibly effective for skin.

Perianne Gel-Based Foaming Cleanser - 6 fl oz - $24

Perianne Refreshing Toner - 6 fl oz - $20

Perianne Light Face Lotion - 2 fl oz - $40

What I like:

  • The incredible aromas of each of the products; all different in their own respects. The gel, foaming cleanser is light, citrusy with a hint of lavender; the refreshing toner (so true to its name) is fresh with a grassy-scent highlighted by cucumber and mint; the light face lotion is deliciously sweet, but not too sweet, with aromas of fresh berries, a delicate tropical ylang-ylang, and the slightest accord of wood - words really can't give you the same feel the experience of these scents render.
  • The ingredients used in the Perianne skincare products are simply cream of the crop, mostly organic, with the most careful attention paid to what each and every ingredient yields for the health of your skin.
  • The effectiveness of this line is wonderful; the Spring/Summer line, fabulous for my combination skin type, gently cleanses without stripping skin, tones beautifully preparing skin for hydration while refreshing tender facial areas, and moisturizes without leaving a heavy, oily feel to the skin. In fact, the lotion absorbs almost instantly into the skin and provides great hydration.
  • The cost of these products is amazingly reasonable considering they are mostly organic and are packaged beautifully
  • Which brings me at last, but not least, to just that - the packaging of the products is very carefully thought out. These aren't cheap, plastic, hard to dispense contents containers; these are all glass containers - the cleanser comes in an easy to dispense pump as does the lotion providing the perfect amount of product (although I generally pump 2x on the lotion cuz I love it so much)

What I don't like:

  • Not a single thing! How many products can you say that about ...

available: Perianne, Dharma NYC


  1. These products made my skin really greasy. Plus i couldnt wear them during the day because they dont have sun protection. And the smells are a little weird actually.

  2. The Spring/Summer line made your skin feel greasy? Wow ... I've got combo skin myself and I have to say I'm not finding that at all, even down here in heat and humidity of the south. The Light Face Lotion absorbs almost instantly into the skin and I found the cleansing gel to be really refreshing. Now, the scents can be off-putting if you're wanting a more unscented/neutral product, but I really find the way these products smell to be one of the best things about them.

    It's not mentioned on the bottles, but there is some evidence to show that there is some SPF benefit from raspberry seed extract as an ingredient, although I always add SPF to my skincare anyway.

  3. If I told my dermatologist I was relying on raspberry extract for my sun protection in this day and age, I think she'd have a heart attack! Plus, what's the point in using a moisturizer AND a separate SPF product? Isn't the whole idea behind this line that mixing too many lines can create problems (and cost a lot of time and money- and cause wrinkles by rubbing your skin more than needed)? I recommend a moisturizer with SPF or a moisturizing sunscreen - they'll do more for your skin than good smelling creams ever will.

  4. p.s. I just looked at Perianne's ingredients and it looks like there's a retinol derivative in many of the products. This will make skin even more sensitive to the sun - even more reason for SPF! Everyday!


Please let us know your thoughts. xo

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