Monday, May 12, 2008

MAC Colour Forms Update

MAC Cosmetics Colour Forms Color Collection

Courtesy of Kiss and Makeup TV and Spektra, once again, here we're given a peek at the packaging for the new MAC Colour Forms palettes. The palettes come in a compact covered in an anodized metallic fabric; they'll pair with matching makeup brushes and makeup bags.

The collection is set to contain three (3) lips palettes and two (2) eye palettes, split into warm (red), neutral (green) and cool (blue).

The eye palettes consist of:

  • Warm Eyes: Fertile, Chillproof, RTancentric, Rolled Gold and Rustic
  • Cool Eyes: Radial Pink, Brown Border, Spot Colour, Blue Spill and Slate

source: Kiss and Makeup TV, Spektra

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