Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SNEAK PEEK: MAC Electroflash

Not to be confused with MAC Flashtronic, here's yet another collection set to launch over the summer. The collection is set to release in the USA July/August. Are we still intrigued? Speaking for one - yes, we are!

Here's something new: Nine Mineralize Eyeshadow duos in compacts; one side - tri-color shimmer minerals with marble shine, the other side is primarily a monoshade.


(L to R, top to bottom)

  • Fresh Green Mix Mélange/Mono - Golden olive with blue, gold and aqua veining/Lime mono
  • Pink Split Mélange/Mono - Dirty rose with bronze and pale blue veining/Pink with gold pearl mono
  • Love Connection Mélange/Mono - Pale beige with gold and blue veining/Warm gold mono
  • Odd Couple Mélange/Mono - Warm gold with lavender and bronze veining/Purple mono
  • Two to Glow Mélange/Mono - Dirty bronze with pink and orange veining/Orange mono
  • Polar Opposites Mélange/Mono - Dirty purple with silver, indigo and pink veining/True silver mono
  • Play on Plums Mélange/Mono - Peachy gold with pink and bronze veining/Bronzed burgundy mono
  • Sea & Sky Mélange/Mono - Silvery pale blue with deep blue and silver veining/Bright blue mono
  • Hot Contrast Mélange/Mono - Dirty red with silver and black veining/Black mono
#227 Large Fluff Brush - Price $30USD


  • Lil' Hot Pepper - frosty burnt red with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)(LE)
  • Sonic Vibe - frosty mid-tone pink with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)(LE)
  • Cultureclash - frosty clear baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)(LE)
  • Major Minor - frosty mid-tone beige with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)(LE)


  • Mellow Mood - glossy mid-tone dirty pink with pearl (Lustre)(LE)
  • Dangerously Hot - creamy deep brown-red (Amplified)(LE)
  • Fast Thrill - frosty clean mid-tone pink with pearl (Frost)(LE)
  • Vanity's Child - sheer pale beige with pearl (Lustre)(LE)

source: bjooti, pursebuzz


  1. New MAC always excites me:)

    I'm looking forward to the lipsticks - Vanity's Child looks like a perfect nude.

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