Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Sexy Hair Comes Through in a Crisis

Ok, ladies and fellas, I don't think my adorable friend and co-worker, "Niecey-Pie", is going to let me get through the day without raving to all of you about her experience with Big Sexy Hair's Root Pump Volumizing Mousse.

Now, she's come to my office many days prior with gorgeous hair singing the praises of this newfound love of hers, but today was a little different. She's now touting Big Sexy Hair as her "Hurricane Essential". I know she wants to tell you herself about her experience (look for her to add a comment soon)... in fact, she's just come in my office to shake her hair at me yet again! Think she's a little excited? Well, her hair looks fab, so she certainly has cause for it. Not only does she have lovely waves throughout, her hair is super soft and shiny, not at all tacky or stiff to the touch and full of volume. Yea, Big Sexy Hair! :o )

You can garner more info about this product by visiting their website.


  1. Hi Roxy,
    Oh baby....This is "Niecey-Pie". I have nothing but BIG SEXY HAIR thanks to this product. I am a Gustov survivor at this time. We have no electricity and no water. However, we are surviving off a generator, which we only operate at nite. Just enough to shower off and AC to sleep. Needless to say, no make-up and no hair fixin during this trying time...SURVIVAL MODE. I managed to get to the office to check in, bringing my make-up bag, blow dryer/brush and BIG SEXY HAIR. I am elated. My hair is soft, shiny and BIG CURLS like I love to have. We are still in rainy weather with high humity...but, no matter what, I still have BIG SEXY HAIR. Talk about make you feel good in our survival mode time. THANKS.....

  2. I saw this on HSN and was very tempted to buy it!

  3. I'm telling you ... Niecey LOVES this product. She's the cutest thing ... every once in a while she'll just appear at my door, shake her big shiny curls at me and then leave as quickly as she appeared! She's so funny. It's nice when a hair product can bring that kind of happiness! :o )


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