Monday, September 15, 2008

Kimiko Cosmetics: You've Gotta Try Them


Kimiko is a gotta-try brand!

I admit it. I peruse my Bliss Spa catalog every single month for new products and brands to try. Bliss has become kind of a birthing ground for unique, high-end cosmetics and skincare brands wanting to get their products to those who know what quality in beauty is all about - you! I've been eyeing these Kimiko products for months wondering if they could be as fab as the look. They are. Here's the scoop:

Kimiko defines the next generation of beauty - breakthrough skincare united with luxurious color. Kimiko is a revolutionary line of skincare solutions built directly into cosmetics. Transcending traditional makeup, Kimiko is designed as the first color collection to instantly enhance skin while providing targeted treatments. Through the harmony of science and artistry, Kimiko is makeup with intention. Each stroke of color delivers signature trademarked ingredient complexes to help smooth, firm and rejuvenate skin. Kimiko's practice of intelligent beauty gives every application purpose for complexions that are brilliant today and youthful tomorrow. Kimiko embodies the spirit of the Japanese characters that compose its name - KI (Energy), MI (Beauty) and KO (Youth) - by giving women beauty beyond just today.

I'm all about getting skincare in my cosmetics. Recently, I told you about Kanebo Sensai's Brush Type Concealer, which I'm still loooooving by the way. Kimiko's products have a similar concept. These are luxurious products with thought, care and science behind them. I'm fast getting hooked on the brand. After months of drooling over these in my Bliss catalogs, I've finally gotten the Lifting Plush Blush and the Sheer Tint and Lip Plumper.

Lifting Puff Blush - $38
With Hydra-FirmaLift
Helps to lift and firm skin
Convenient puff applicator

This unique lifting and enhancing blush softly brightens cheeks by adding healthy looking color while simultaneously giving your skin an uplifting treatment. This purse-friendly blush has a mirror built into the cap for perfectly easy touch-ups. Comes in shades of Golden Geisha, Plum Wine, Cherry Blossom and Sweet Lychee.

REVIEW: This product is exactly what it claims to be. I've been using gel stains and gel sticks in my blush for over a year now, so I wasn't sure I'd actually like this but was interested enough in the skincare benefit to want to try it. This product is easy to apply; you control how much you want to apply. It blends effortlessly for a soft flushed look and helps to give a brightened appearance to the face. The shade I chose was exactly what I hoped it would be in a plumy wine. Although it's described as having shimmer, this isn't the glittery too pearly looking shimmer you might expect in a highlighting type product. It's soft on the eyes. You can contour and enhance with this product just by adjusting the amount you apply. I love the little mirror on top, which makes throwing this little gem in your bag for quick touch-ups throughout the day a snap. A little goes a long way, so although one might swallow hard at the $38 price, you're going to have this for a very long time.

Sheer Tint and Lip Plumper
- $37
Dehydrated collagen molecules re-hydrate to instantly plump and smooth lips
Berry and pomegranate extracts give color and
antioxidant protection
Hydrates lips and helps increase elasticity, smoothness and production of collagen

Channel your inner vixen with this natural and effective lip enhancer! This unique tinted treatment creates sheer, buildable color with berry and pomegranate extracts that have added antioxidant protection. Hydra-FirmaLift™ helps reduce lip lines and increase overall hydration. The reverse end holds an advanced Plumper containing patented dehydrated collagen molecules that expand with the lip's natural moisture to instantly increase lip volume, reduce fine lines and give lips a fuller, smoother look. This non-irritating Plumper has a cool refreshing feel. Comes in these shades - Sparkling Berry, Sweet Plum, Pink Sake, Pomegranate, Raspberry and Golden Apricot.

REVIEW: A definite winner! I've been a devotee to LipFusion for years. Nothing else I've tried really came close to the results and likeness until I tried this product. What I love about Kimiko's plumper is that it not only plumps volume in the lip, it's a non-irritating treatment product as well. That the color end boasts ingredients of pomegranate and berry extracts makes me a very happy camper (or plumper, depending on how you want to word it). Anyway, this truly is a gorgeous product in a sleek double-sided wand. Color is sheer and buildable and I love that they've recently expanded their shade selection - the colors are really all very pretty. There's a light minty flavor here, but no fruity, icky sweetness that would offend those who prefer a more un-scented/flavored lipgloss and the texture of both the color and plumper is very nice - not at all sticky, very hydrating (lasts for hours) and lip apperance is visibly improved with the wearing (plumper, lines minimized, full and healthy looking).

For more information on Kimiko, please visit them online. For purchasing, visit Kimiko, Vivre or Blissworld online or in person at Takashimaya NYC, Studio Fred Segal.

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