Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall's Obsession-Worthy Nail Colours by Chanel

Brilliance to your fingertips with must-have colours from the runways of Paris. Chanel's top five Le Vernis Nail Colours for fall:

Gondola - a richly shimmering maroon

Dragon - a glamorous true red

Vendetta - a deep glistening aubergine

Blue Satin - a lustrous midnight blue

Cosmic Violine - a warm glittering plum

Chanel Le Vernis comes in a treasure chest shades for every season, each retails for $23. For more information, please visit Chanel online or at your favorite beauty counter.


  1. Thanks a lot for this post. I love Chanel myself and always enjoy reading about their products!


  2. Know what you mean ... of all my polishes, the ones I come back to over and over again are my Chanel and Essie shades ... love them!


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