Wednesday, September 23, 2009

REVIEW: Erno Laszlo Brightening Skincare Treatments

Gotta tell you about the potent effects of Erno Laszlo's brightening products.

Having never tried any of the brand's products before, I was interested to see what this legendary skincare brand founded in 1927 by Hungarian dermatologist Dr. Erno Laszlo had to offer in way of results in the modern world. One of my biggest skincare issues isn't on my face; it's on my hands. For the past three years or so I've noticed pigmented sun spots popping up in increasing quantities on my hands, well, my left hand in particular. This is the hand most in the path of direct sunlight as I tend to rest it on top my steering wheel when traveling in my car. So when I saw Erno Laszlo had a Brightening Concentrate Pen, I knew that's the product I wanted to try. My impression of this product in a word? Fantastic! In two words? Powerfully Effective!

SPOT LIGHT Brightening Concentrate Pen - $46
It's a brightening pen for all skin types. The concentrate restores skin's healthy glow with a non-hydroquinone targeted treatment featuring a cocktail of brightening ingredients. Retinol, in pure, active vitamin A, accelerates cell turnover while sepiwhite, a new lipo amino acid, significantly fades dark spots and inhibits melanin production. I saw my spots start to fade in as little as two weeks, and after using the pen on my hands for about a month, some of the spots have completely vanished. It's one of those experiences where you go to sleep one night, wake up in the morning, look at your spots and think, "Wow ... is this really working?" Then a couple of weeks later repeat the check and say, "Yeah, this really IS working ... cool beans!" I'm shocked at how well this treatment works.

C-BRIGHT Essence - $68
A brightening lotion for all skin types. The lightweight daytime lotion with brightening benefits features stabilized vitamin C and Japanese knotweed concentrate. The potent ingredients are said to diminish dark spots and combat free radicals for a more even tone and overall radiance. In combination with the concentrated formula of the pen, the results are even more revealing. I enjoy using the lotion on my face as a daytime moisturizer as well, it's light creamy formula absorbs instantly into skin.

My next foray into the world of Erno Laszlo skincare will be to try his iconic Sea Mud Facial Soap. This is a black bar, which is 97% natural that cleans deeply without stripping natural sebum. It is said to be excellent for exfoliating and softening skin texture.

In general, Dr. Laszlo's cleansing products have long been considered one of the best cleansing systems available. It was Erno Laszlo, MD that developed the "Water-Wash Technique". The technique basically entails splashing the face with comfortbly-hot water, which offers these benefits:

deeply cleanses skin
exfoliates dead skin cells
flushes out toxins
strengthens, softens and plumps skin
stimulates collagen production, and
enhances the absorption of moisturizer

Check out Erno Laszlo online for other products designed specifically for your unique skin type and issues. Get your own Laszlo prescribed skincare ritual by filling out the LaszloMatic questionnaire. You can even speak with a professional skincare specialist to ask questions about your skin type, issues or concerns. Looking forward to bringing you more news.


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