Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lily Allen: The Face of "Coco Cocoon" Chanel's New Handbag Collection

Chanel News
British singer Lily Allen proves to be perfect for the launch of the new Coco Cocoon handbag line. She won over Karl Lagerfeld, who photographed the singer for the new Chanel handbag campaign.

Karl Lagerfeld: "I love Lily Allen. She looks a lot like Gabrielle Chanel and she is a self-made woman. She is cool, young, and extremely witty. Photographing her for the advertising campaign was fantastic fun. She is extremely inspiring and is completely taken with the bags - with her typical English reserve!"

Um, word to Karl, who wouldn't be completely taken with a Chanel bag?!?! Droooooooling!

The Coco Cocoon Handbag Collection will be available in Chanel boutiques Oct. 3rd.

For more information and more delicious photos from the campaign, visit Fashion Trends on Chanel online.


  1. Lily Allen - what an incredibly beautiful girl. Stunning!
    - Jen

  2. For some reason she reminds me of this girl? xD


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