Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spirit Beauty Lounge Celebrates Travel with a Labor Day Sale!

Enjoy some of the most effective, luxurious beauty products around - all organic - and only through Spirit Beauty Lounge. Here are just some of the beautiful brands you can expect to find.

Ila pure, organic skin care products work on a deep level to restore, to nurture and to balance people, community and the sustainability of our earth. Absolutely everything comes from a plant or mineral and nothing else. Ila products are composed of the finest, purest ingredients in the world from wild-grown Morrocan argan oil, to organic rose damascena. Ila Face Oil has become a cult beauty classic. Marie Claire magazine gave Ila Face Oil the prestigious Prix D'excellence award. Click to learn more and see all products by Ila.

Developed by Dr. Nitasha Buldeo and her medical team, using only the purest ingredients, this cosmeceutical range for face and body delivers nutrients, nourishment and treatment designed to improve skin function and prevent signs of aging. Organic Apoteke, the 2006 Winner of the Best Product of Britain Award is now available for the first time in the US and we love it! Organic Apoteke organic skin care is Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Vegetarian Society Approved and PROVEN EFFECTIVE. Click to learn more and see all products by Organic Apoteke.

For more on my personal love of Organic Apoteke, click here.

Organic guru and beauty pioneer Horst Rechelbacher founded Intelligent Nutrients in an effort to redefine the organic hair care industry. The USDA and Soil Association certified organic range proves that it's possible to create completely clean, food-based products that also deliver professional quality results. His revolutionary products include hair care, hair styling, aromatic fragrances, lip care and supplements...with more to come. Each product contains Intelligent Nutrient's signature Intellimune Seed Oil Complex that nurtures and heals with five powerful seed oils: Black Cumin, Pumpkin, Red Grape, Red Raspberry and Cranberry. Click to learn more and see all products by Intelligent Nutrients.

For more on my personal love of Intelligent Nutrients, click here.

From Iran to Madagascar, the core of Patyka’s mission is to source and produce the finest organic ingredients with a total dedication to Fair Trade practices and to create truly revolutionary products that are luxurious, chic, eco-friendly and socially responsible. Click to learn more and see all products by Patyka.

Lulu Organics is the one of the coolest hair powder/dry shampoo on the market. Not only is this NY based brand natural and organic, the powder leaves locks looking shiny and fresh in between shampoos and comes in the most adorable screen-printed tubes. All LuLu Organics products are 100% natural and 95%-98% organic. All products are 100% vegan and Fair Trade. All raw materials come from a conscionable co-op in Iowa that participates in only fair business trade. Lulu Organics also pride themselves as being eco-friendly and use recycled or recyclable packaging. All packaging is corn starch based and biodegradable. Click to learn more and see all products by Lulu Organics.

RMS Beauty is an original, pure, organic color cosmetic line created by celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. Based on living and organic principles, each product is created to hydrate and illuminate vital, radiant skin. rms beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup, creating a product that is not only non-toxic, but that actually heals and nourishes skin. Consider it skincare with mineral color - giving make-up a whole new meaning. Click to learn more and see all products by RMS Beauty.

For more on my personal love of RMS Beauty, click here.

All of Tsi~La products are crafted in artisan size batches using only the world's finest essential oils, active plant botanicals, rich exotic butters and organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Tsi~La Organics was born from their desire to produce natural and organic products made from the world’s finest essential oils and plant botanicals. Their products are the essence of nature. The marriage of organic freshness and natural decadence create this luxurious line designed to enhance your true beauty and bring out your natural radiance. Click to learn more and see all products by Tsi~La.

For more of my personal love of Tsi-La, click here.

"Researchers have found that the quickest, easiest and safest way to change a mood, is with the sense of SMELL." Aromatherapy Personals work two ways: Applied topically to pulse points on the skin, users breathe in the transforming aroma. When inhaled, the component molecules within the essential oils stimulate the olfactory nerve, affecting the limbic center of the brain and respiratory system. Topically, the essential oil molecules easily pass through the dermas of the skin to the lymph and capillary system, especially when the skin is dry. Natural superfruit anti-oxidants hydrate, rejuvenate and protect skin from free radicals. Click to learn more and see all products by Aromatherapy Personals.

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  1. I am really happy with this cosmetics collection. Thanks for sharing such a nice beauty products with us.

  2. Such a great beauty collection. Every thing looking so beautiful. I want to bring it and it is also very expensive.

  3. Spring beauty products in this collection. There are no products in ten of the spring season well and Every thing looking so beautiful.


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