Monday, September 7, 2009

Lutz & Patmos for Archbishop Desmond TuTu? Yes, That's Right.

Sofia Coppola. Carine Roitfeld. Jane Birkin. Desmond Tutu? Lutz & Patmos have rejiggered their collaborator formula this season and recruited none other than the Nobel Peace Prize winner as their latest partner. Since fashion isn't necessarily the area of expertise of this "living moral icon", the knitwear duo submitted proposals, and this organic cotton, deep scoop-neck, yoke-backed sweater came out on top. Proceeds from sales of the pullover will benefit the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, scheduled to open in 2011, as well as the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, whose beneficiaries hand-beaded the ornaments that adorn it.

"If you're in this business it's so important to reach out and help others," Lutz told us. Amen to that.

It's really very exciting that Lutz & Patmos have chosen to honor this man through this effort. I've long admired Archbishop Tutu for not only his tireless work for peace in our world, but for being a living example of goodness, a model to aspire to. Archbishop Tutu's charismatic and joie de vivre literally exudes from his very being. He is a part of a group called "The Elders", which I've been intrigued with and wanted to learn more about since first seeing a piece about the organization on the Sundance channel. The group was started in part by Nelson Mandela and founded by Sir Richard Branson (of Virgin Records fame) and singer, songwriter Peter Gabriel (my favorite musical artist, who I also happen to think is so spiritually and emotionally sensitive he's not quite of or in this world). Quite worth looking into. Here's a little snippet in video...

fashion source:; video source: The Elders (youtube)

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