Monday, June 28, 2010

HAUTELOOK: Junior Drake Luscious Leather Handbag SALE!

The classy but edgy style of Junior Drake handbags attracts women of all ages who are confident in their own style, strive to make a statement, and exude a distinctive personality.

The Junior Drake team has developed a reputation for conceiving fresh design concepts that offer couture style and affordable quality.

Their handbags can be distinguished not only by the soft Italian leather, quality craftsmanship, detailed hardware and handcrafted flourishes, but also by its unique source of inspiration: Junior Drake.

Every time you go into your handbag, you'll see the silk lining with Junior Drake's image looking up at you. She reminds you that it's what's inside that makes you feel good and look good. "It's not the bag, it's the girl!"

Alright, well, kinda dorky ... that promotional wording up top (not mine, by the way, I ain't owning that). And I even took the words Junior Drake out a couple of times and inserted a pronoun instead cuz I couldn't stand looking at it another time. I don't know. What do you think? Despite the "It's all about Junior Drake, Junior Drake, Junior Drake," commotion, these handbags are luxuriously soft, chic yet classic, and never go out of style.  I'll be at the sale for sure!

The Junior Drake handbag sale starts Mon., 6/28/10 @ 10 AM CT.

Not a member? Don't worry, registration is absolutely free.

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