Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shiseido's Dick Page Glowing Matte Lipsticks

Yep, no doubt about it, when Dick Page puts his creative genius into something, it's gonna be a winner! Literally.  And this isn't the first time Page has created a lippie ... each gorgeous in its own right.

This time, it's Shiseido's Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte in RS798 (Damson), a shade he created exclusively for Macy's.  The votes are in - 15 international Marie Claire beauty editors named Glowing Matte as one of their April must-have beauty products.  The lipstick has a velvety, matte texture that envelops lips in a natural, semi-transparent color; is very moisturizing as well.

Video: Dick Page backstage artistry Shiseido Perfect Rouge campaign

Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte is a matte lipstick unlike any before that provides exquisite smoothness while maintaining the gentle luster of bare lips.  Intense moisture and a soft luminosity allow color to glide on with a luxurious feel.  Its lightweight formula feels like you're not wearing anything at all yet provides a chic finish that lasts long past what we've come to expect in a sheer, silky lipstick. Other shades besides the one Page created for Macy's are: RD722 Whisper, BR323 Wink, PK224 Sugar Babe and RD325 Coral Glow.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte in RS798 retails for $25 and is available exclusively at Macy's. The other Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte shades are available at Shiseido beauty counters and online at us.shiseido.com.

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