Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stila Limited Edition Travel Palettes ONLY $10!

Oh, you're not going to believe this one, Stila Girls.  A Stila palette of colors for $10, are you kidding?  

Stila Girl Travel Palettes! Follow the five Stila girls as they travel across the world and get five complete looks (launching each month June through December). Now, these aren't huge, they're more like the size of an index card, but each contains plenty of product for many looks of fun. As a green-eyed girl, I truly adore the colors in this one - those purples, mauves, plummy shimmers. All destined to make a green eye pop!

The first of the series is Road to Radiance Across the USA inspired by Kylie's road trip across the US!

This cute, collectable palette includes:


  • Snow Bunny (shimmery pink-champagne)

  • Southern Belle (mauve)

  • Valley Girl (pink)

  • City Chick (alloy)

  • Hibiscus

Each palette is ONLY $10, a $65 VALUE! Collect all five (check back next month for the new palette!) Absolutely gorgeous.  I've already ordered mine. Click here to learn more about the travel palettes and Kylie's trip!

For more information or to purchase this fab little limited edition palette, visit Stila online today! There is one downer, shipping is $7.95. Whew ... come on, Stila, you gotta fix that!


  1. Now, I've heard that purple is good on brown eyes, although it does make sense that it would work for green. What's your opinion?

  2. Shades of purple bring out the green in green and hazel eyes, and yes, purple shades are gorgeous on a brown eye too! They'll make your eyes pop and will brighten the whites of your eyes.


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