Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Philosophy Eternal Grace Spray Fragrance ... Huh?

Ok, so I just received my bottle of philosophy Eternal Grace, which I'd pre-ordered from QVC several weeks ago.  I've been perusing the community forums, perfume blogging sites and the like looking for what folks think about this variety of "Grace". Comments are pretty much what I expected. Let me be upfront in what philosophy fragrances are my faves in case that is helpful to you in analyzing my thoughts on the fragrance; I'm an Amazing Grace - Inner Grace lover. My own personal quick and low down on Eternal Grace is this:

1)  It's nothing like Amazaing Grace.  I've seen lots of folks asking if it smells like Amazing; it doesn't.  I would agree with most that the fragrance it smells most like, in the Grace family, is Pure, but I don't find Eternal captures the same "fresh and clean" scent of Pure in the same way. At all, actually.

2)  I'd also agree with those who think this particular fragrance belongs more in the Love family of philosphy fragrances and not the Grace family.  Eternal feels more like Falling in Love than it does anything in the Grace family.

3)  The notes, which I suppose philosophy wishes to remain a mystery as I can't find the notes listed anywhere, seem to be a frustration for many other philosophy-girls as well.  My experience of Eternal Grace is an overwhelming smell of violets.  It smells like violet on first spray; it smells like violet after drydown, and it still smells like violet hours later.  My personal opinion is that violet is not really a "fresh, clean, energizing" note, however others may disagree with that.  Philosophy is toting Eternal as a fresh, clean energizing citrusy scent with multi-dimensional note experience.  I'm not getting the multi-dimensional aspect.  I smell violet, overwhelmingly, from start to finish.  Yes, I can certainly detect some citrus, probably bergamot, but other subtle notes escape me. 

4)  I don't agree with lots who have organized this fragrance into the sickly sweet category.  On me, it's not all too sweet.  Now, having said that, the whole violet experience does come into play here in that one might be reminded of childhood memories of those violet candies when sniffing a wrist, and there might evoke a feeling of sweetness.

So my final analysis of Eternal Grace is this: underwhelmed and a bit disappointed.

I'm definitely more a Grace girl than I am a Love girl in terms of philosophy fragrance families and I just wouldn't put Eternal in the Grace family.  It's a lovely scent.  I'll wear it for sure.  Would I say I actually like it?  Probably not.  But it's the kind of "probably not" that infers had I picked up the bottle of Eternal at a department store counter I'd have put it back on the shelf and not scurried to the checkout counter with my credit card in hand needing to have it variety of probably not.

What say you?  I'd love to know what all of you think of Eternal Grace.  Please feel free to comment or tweet me your thoughts. 

Philosophy Eternal Grace is available at and retails for $40 a 2 oz glass bottle.


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  2. I really do like this fragrance, which I received as a gift, but IT DOES NOT LAST! Even using all three products in the gift box (bath gel, body lotion, cologne), the scent does not survive. Also, the body lotion was gone in about three days -- thin and unimpressive.

  3. I tried Eternal Grace last night... and after more than 8hrs, I can still smell it on my wrist. And even after sniffing it once more, I'm still not sure if I like it. I dunno, maybe it's the pregnant hormones in me that's not liking it, as I have been too sensitive lately with scents. Pure Grace, I definitely love. Might have to give Eternal Grace another go and see if the scent would grow on me...

  4. For me Eternal Grace has a nice scents. I use it for night outs combine with my women pheromones. :)


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