Saturday, June 5, 2010

Skinstore Offers Philosophy at 15% Off!!

Just a quick little PSA to let you know Philosophy is now 15% off at Skinstore!!  Whoohooooo ....

Philosophy is a brand that VERY rarely offers discounts on their products. Items to consider?  Well, how 'bout those in the image above?  They're ALL new products from philosophy now and all are bound to make you and those around you happy campers.  The clean, fresh scents, the natural, lit-from-within glow of healthy skin, the indulgent scrubs, firming creams, bubble baths and 3-in-1's.  If you're already a philosophy girl, there's no need to tease you further, and if you're not a philosophy girl, why the heck not?  LOL.


Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti Aging Moisturizer luxurious miracle cream features a unique complex that helps replenish skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving it feeling satiny smooth; loaded with vitamin c and glutathione helps enhance natural collagen production and brighten a tired complexion for a firm, radiant result, plus the antioxidant benefits of resveratrol help soothe, calm and protect skin against environmental attack

The Supernatural Instant Sunshine is a good-for-skin, mineral powder bronzer that provides sheer, natural-looking, sunny color for a healthy sun-kissed glow

State of Grace Mini Fragrance Wardrobe includes amazing grace, pure grace and inner grace fragrances .33 oz. wear amazing grace when you want to feel amazingly clean and beautifully feminine, pure grace when you want to feel fresh and clean, and inner grace when you want to feel peaceful and balanced

I Think You Are Wonderful a sweet way for you to let someone know how wonderful they are; a delicious duo (8 oz each bottle) of mandarin orange and cherry scented 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths; guilt-free indulgences make for a pampering shower or bath experience and gently cleanse and condition skin and hair

With Gratitude a special gift featuring a 16 oz. pomegranate 3-in-1 bath and shower gel created to cleanse and condition skin and hair with its moisturizing, high-foaming formula as it invigorates the senses with its delicious pomegranate scent

The Supernatural Superbeautiful a superhealthy, hybrid makeup created for the woman who doesn't consider herself a professional makeup artist and needs an easy-to-apply, get-out-the-door makeup; a new hybrid alternative to traditional liquid makeup uses pure, natural color in a skin-loving, water-based formula that won't pollute your pores and is as good for your skin as any skin care product; the healthy, good-for-skin formula is infused with natural, plant-based moisturizers; minerals; vitamins; antioxidants; and spf 20 to deliver sheer color, moisture and protection in one step; available in many shades/tints

Advanced Makeup Optional Kit incorporates retinol, spf and exfoliation to provide a "step up" from the basic makeup optional skin kit. this daily a.m. and p.m. skin care regimen is designed to treat multiple skin concerns associated with aging, protect and prevent against future damage and help restore a healthy, youthful, glowing complexion; these are all full sizes

The Color of Grace Amazing Grace Shimmering Face Powder be touched by the beauty of grace with this sweetly shimmering, pale pink powder which instantly brightens your complexion as it releases an uplifting touch of amazing grace fragrance; one soft, shimmering pink shade captures all things pink and beautiful for a look that is flattering on all skin tones and may be worn alone for a heavenly glow, over makeup, or to refresh your skin and spirit any time

Field of Flowers Body Lotion and Spray Fragrance Gift Set ultra-rich body lotion 8 oz. and spray fragrance 2 oz. gift set is the fresh, floral scent of peony, created to make a woman feel positively lovely; the luxurious body lotion moisturizes, softens and conditions dry skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and extremely touchable

Unconditional Love Mini Layering Set is love without limits; experience the soulful, passionate, enduring scent of unconditional love perfect for women who want to feel surrounded by love and happiness throughout the day

The Big Skinny Skin-Smoothing Exfoliating Scrub infused with a delectable, cocoa scent, this skin-contouring body scrub promotes circulation through exfoliation and massage, which helps reduce the accumulation of stagnant fluids that contribute to lumps and bumps in the skin

The Big Skinny Self-Tanning Firming Cream this ultra-rich body cream is formulated with a progressive, self-tanning technology that delivers gradual, natural-looking color and is infused with skin-firming agents designed to smooth and tone the skin; subtly fragranced with the delectable scent of cocoa
The Supernatural Moonlight translucent, illuminating powder instantly highlights your compexion leaving behind a luminous finish

Pink Frosted Layer Cake High Foaming Shower Gel brings instant happiness and smiles to people of all ages in a high-foaming shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath brings the deliciously sweet scent of a pink frosted layer cake right to your shower; you can't help but experience pure joy from the scrumptious smell as you work up a rich, creamy lather from head to toe

All this philosophy loveliness and much more is available at Skinstore now and may be purchased at 15% off with philosophy purchase of $65 or more PLUS free shipping through June 11, 2010 only!

Click HERE for 15% off your $65 or more philosophy order + free shipping

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  1. SO wonderful, beauty collection which you share here. Every products are very expensive and useful. There are no side effect.


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