Monday, October 27, 2008

REVIEW: Gratitude by Zorica of Malibu

Here's one all grapefruit-vanilla lovers will adore!

I've been eyeing this little delight over at the b-glowing wesbite for a while and was thrilled to finally have an opportunity to experience it first hand. It's lovely and it's getting a lot of positive press.

Gratitude is hand made 100% Pure Grapefruit & Vanilla Perfume Oil. This utterly delectable fragrance is chemical and alchohol free. People who can not wear regular fragrance can also enjoy this deliciously feminine scent. The true essence of Gratitude will be experienced by you and those in close proximity to you.

Because it is chemical and alchohol free, Gratitude perfume can be applied on your pulse point more often then regular perfume. Carry it in your purse and experience Gratitude throughout the day.

Made with pure essential oil of Grapefruit and Vanilla. Studies show that Grapefruit essential oil reduces appetite. Also, women wearing Grapefruit essential oil are perceived younger by men. 100% natural. Jojoba and essential oils.

Zorica's success story starts in early 1960, in a small village of former Yugoslavia, when at barely seven years old she created her first face cream. Today even more than ever she is passionate about creating natural products that can help fulfill and empower an individual's life by restoring and rejuvenating the spirit. After her successful modeling career in Milan and London, Zorica found herself in Malibu, California working as a beauty advisor for a European cosmetic company.

In the year 2001, Zorica became chronically ill due to exposure to toxic substances, and was bed ridden for a long time. During her recovery process, she found out that she was not able to use bath or body products that were on the market. Due to her extensive training and experience in skin care, Zorica started creating hear own natural bath and body products without any artificial fragrances or chemical fillers. She was successful in creating superior products without toxic affect. Zorica of Malibu products are ideal for chemical or fragrance sensitive individuals... Zorica believes in freshness; her products are made in small batches.

Those of you who have read past reviews of mine on fragrance know that I'm not a fan of super-sweet fruity scents. As such, I was pleasantly surprised with Gratitide. Gratitude is a lovely blend of pure grapefruit, vanilla and jojoba oils. That's all there is to it. The aroma is divine. Not at all too sweet, yet vibrantly fragrant of grapefruit with the richness of vanilla. This fragrance denotes "happiness" on first whiff. This is a fragrance that is also easly layered with other fragrances to create your own special blend. I love to do that. I'll often take two, sometimes even three fragrances and spritz/apply them for a totally unique scent all my own. However, that's not to say Gratitude can't be worn alone - it is deliciously fragrant all on its own.

Those who like LaVanila's Grapefruit-Vanilla will find this equally as appealing yet very different in scent. This is a decidedly stronger citrus smell than the former. I adore being able to lavish my skin with pure essential oils, no alcohol, no impurities. As Zorica will tell you, since it doesn't have the alcohol, you may want to apply it more often as the scent won't last as long on the skin as those fragrances with alcohol content. No problem here - it's a treat to apply. At $50 a bottle, it's a wonderful value for fresh, pure, nautral ingredients. I love it!

Zorica, thank you for Gratitude... xo

For more information about Zorica of Malibu and her fantastic lines of skincare and fragrance products, please visit b-glowing.

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